About Alexis

Hi! I'm Alexis... sometimes known as "Lexie" to those that have known me for years.
I am a 30 40-something Christian wife and mother of four (plus a bonus daughter) who is so wonderfully blessed with 10+ acres of back breaking work. Don't let that bother you, I can always find SOMETHING to be joyful about! I grew up in a small town in Oregon. My parents still live in the same house I grew up in. I am married and raising my family in another small Oregon town and quite honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. Family and friends are very important to me, and so is sunshine, laughter and music! 

~A few interesting facts~
Photography, designing graphics and inspirational art are some of my  hobbies. 
I train school bus drivers for money to get my hair cut on a more regular basis. 
I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder in 1999.

I love chickens. Up to 40  80 chickens have lived on my little hobby farm at one time.
I wish I could have more animals, but quite frankly the extra chores tire me out, so I have to restrain myself. 
We really have a heart for the homeless and less fortunate.
I have a newfound love of quilting. I have not made one for myself or anyone I know yet, so far they have all gone to hospice patients through our program: Hope and Joy Quilts

Gardening is a newer thing for me, and I like it! One of my dreams is to have a community garden on our property but I'm not sure how to do that.
Working with youth is another one of my joys - I'm not sure how it came about, but I'm rolling with it.

~The following is a list of who I am~
(Borrowed from Misty, except with my own answers, duh!)

I am… focusing on new directions in my life and striving to be more real.

I have… committed to doing some things in the coming months outside of my comfort zone.

I know… that all things are possible through Christ - He strengthens me!

I think… that I am inadequate a lot of times. Ok, most of the time.

I don’t think… that I'm supposed to be perfect, but it sure is hard to get that negative way of thinking to get out of my head.

I want… to succeed at my goals and keep Christ the center of everything I do

I have… a pretty messy house, most of the time..

I like… being home during the summer with my husband and children. But I also like it when they all go back to school.

I dislike… people who are really, really whiny about circumstances that they have full control over doing something about.

I hate... being discarded and treated as if I don't matter

I dream… of living without any physical pain at all. Ever.

I fear… many things a lot less than I used to, now that I know what faith and trust is all about.

I am annoyed by... our government and the media and liars. Which, are basically all the same thing.

I crave… quiet time to talk to my husband about what's on my mind.

I usually… have to get a backrub before I can even get out of bed each morning.

I search… constantly for things the kids have set "somewhere". Where exactly is this place: Somewhere?

I hide… my pain and problems with laughter and jokes.

I wonder… why our family gets along so well sometimes, and then so terribly other times.

I just can’t help… wanting to spend more time at camp.

I regret… nothing. Because I know the path I'm on now, is the path I need to be on, and the only way I could have gotten here was to endure everything in my past

I love… my husband. I adore him. I starve for air when he's not around. I know it's sappy, but I told you I was trying to be more real didn't I? I also get really down when my kids are gone, but it takes everything in me not to show it.

I can’t live without… people to love, and to love me.

I try to… see the brighter side of things. And I will try to get you to see it too!

I enjoy… friendships that were brought to me straight from heaven.

I don’t care… if you're offended by my "points of view", I'm not here to be politically correct. Ever. I'm striving to be spiritually correct because I want to see you at the end of my life. It's that important to me.

I always… have the most interesting tales to go along with injuring myself.

I never want to… be a burden to others, but I'm starting to see that maybe I can be a blessing by allowing others to move into my life and care about me like I would do for them.

I rely on… my group of friends to remind me when I'm straying from the narrow path. I appreciate that, and I hope you never stop doing it even if it's painful for us both.

I believe… that the scriptures are TRUTH. Any variance or spin on that truth makes you an unbeliever. Plain and simple. Either you are, or you aren't. There's no middle road or happy medium to Christianity.

I dance… in my head, and sometimes when I'm alone with my husband and occasionally at weddings.

I sing… all day, every day, only usually it's not out loud.

I argue… with that other voice in my head way too often.

I write… to get my thoughts out of my head so I can think about something else.

I win… big points with my husband when I cook for him. I really want to do a better job at that.

I lose… my keys. A lot.

I wish… that I had a housekeeper, so I could focus more on the things I'm passionate about (which isn't a clean house!)

I listen… to people a lot, and I can see what they are saying and feeling when they aren't even saying anything.

I don’t understand… how people can say they follow Christ (by saying "I'm a Christian"), but then blatantly and repeatedly do things that Christ would not do and then rationalize it. This means they are following something else.

I’m scared of… the pain of losing those closest to me, not in the here and now, but for eternity.

I forget… what it was like to not know what I know now. Sometimes I wish I could start all over and take better notes.

I am happy... when I have something to look forward to. This means I should be happy all the time right!?