Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Duck Fan

I'm a Duck fan.

I'm also a "duck" fan, so today, it seems like a good day to show off!

First, my favorite duck to look at. She's a Welsh Harlequin, and while somewhat shy, she excels at making a racket to let everyone know when I get home. I love her little black bill and her dark eyes. She's a beauty.

 Did I mention SHOW OFF? The Blue Swedish isn't shy... We call him "Sweedy" or sometimes "Sweedy Pie" although I'd never have duck pie. Ever.

Our little Hookbill duck is having a rough few days. She is recovering from an eye injury, so naps are frequent.

The Khaki Campbell drake whose name is... wait for it... "Pants"  *grin*

Wait, how'd he get in here?
(Salmon Faverolles roo, free to a good home!)

I love the blue eyes on this guy. I should have named him Frank Sinatra, but I didn't even know the color of his eyes for the first few weeks. He was running the other way. Now he just naps right in my path.

Here's Frank Sinatra standing up. He's a Penciled Runner Duck, or in this case, Drake.

Ok folks, this is getting awkward. It's about time to move along...

Have a great day!