Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where am I?

I'll tell ya where I am. All over the place! I've been doing a whole lotta stuff with a whole lotta people! And I really like the word "lotta", a lotta. 
Here it is folks, short and sweet:

Went to a Band Festival with some 7th and 8th Graders 

Attended a lot of baseball games for my youngest. 

Celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss

I went to my cousin's gorgeous wedding. 

Where he married a gorgeous girl

Visited one of my favorite
places on Earth for my birthday

Took my boys to a civil war reenactment

It was part of my work for my
Civil War History Class

Watched a dozen chicks hatch
(while I did lots of homework)

Attended the GRAMMY awards concert
for our High School Music Program

So proud of my daughter and how
hard she works with the band and choir 

Jordan, Kristine, my girl Alyssa

I went to another wedding
for friends of the family. 

It had very pretty decorations

Took pics of my daughter and 3 other
kids that she's known since before birth.

Attended an 8th Grade dance,
their last dance of Middle School

And took pics of my younger daughter,
and her tall red-haired friend. 

And then one more wedding
for one of my girls from camp... 

Her bridesmaids were a
couple more girls I love (from camp)

Then took some pics of some really cute people(who I ALSO know from camp)

Took pics of my kids at our church picnic

Now I'm done with school, and just sitting around waiting for my kids to be done so we can get this summer going.
We all need a BREAK! 

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CaraDD said...

I sure do like a good picture blog....a lotta. Hope to see you soon.