Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Here a Chick, There a Chick

My chick likes chicks. 

It's the busy time of year around these parts. 
Just ask one of my broody hens. She's been really, really busy. Busy, just sitting there. Must be rough having food and drink delivered to you by a well-meaning 9 year old boy. Not sure why you have to be so mean to him, but whatever...

I've also been really busy trying to keep the chickens out of the humongous garden. I'm glad I don't have to weed it. Every few days a crew of guys come out with their wide brimmed hats and their hoes (the garden implement, people!) and they get to work. In case you're a new reader to this blog - we lease out a big chunk of our property to an Organic Farmer who lives just across the river. He plants, he weeds, we help eat. And apparently so do our chickens. Which is why we're are about to take drastic measures in the form of bright orange safety fencing to keep them out.

But I'd never keep my girl out. She looks pretty standing there by the spinach, don't ya think?

I've also spent plenty of time trying to keep this naughty goat behind that there fence. She mocks me. See that face? She's laughing. I hate that.

hahahahaha! - you think you can keep me in?

Took a little road trip to pick up some Lavender Orpington Hatching eggs yesterday. Something funny happened... I came home with some hatching eggs that already had feathers and legs! Sometimes that just happens, I can't explain it. Thankfully some of the eggs are still in shells, so I'll be incubating those in the very near future. I am excited to help out some of my friends who have been wanting to add Lavenders to their breeding flock. Lavenders are sometimes confused with Blue Orpingtons, which are an entirely. different story. 

The difference between Lavender and Blue, is that Lavender breed true to color. They don't throw splash, or black or anything else that you would get from a Blue Orpington. I'm excited to watch them grow up and since Orpingtons are some of my favorites, I'm thrilled to have more than one color in my yard.

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