Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our First Hatch Day

We set our first eggs on May 9, and today (May 30) we are getting results! Our first two eggs pipped last night, and by morning the first Serama chick had made its way into the world. How FUN! And how distracting!! We haven't got anything done all day while we've been "tuned" to the incubator and watching the eggs wiggle, and pip, and zip and then finally out comes a soggy, wet, pathetic looking thing that eventually fluffs up and looks cute! (More pics our Facebook page)

Our 28 hatching eggs, going in for 21 days
"Clear" egg... either not fertile or just didn't develop

The first Serama to hatch 
Supervising me while I did my homework

Still spying on me!

Waiting for the others to hatch


CaraDD said...

Chickie Numero Uno looks lonely. Poor lil thing.

Misty said...

oh my gosh... my heart just melted. Twice.

Katie said...

Can't wait for the Fav's and Blue Orp's to go in the 'Bator. Hehehe