Friday, March 16, 2012

Pretty as a Picture

The work and activity around these parts has not slowed down much since our flood. We're having a hard time getting things repaired because of the usual difficulties getting an insurance company to pay for what's fair. Hopefully that will be resolved in the near future. 

In the meanwhile, the kids made it through eight performances of the play, "Mulan". It was a beautiful production with some of the best costumes I'd ever seen for a Middle School play. 
Daughter Delayna was one of the "Ancestors" - she is in the middle

 Sometime during all of the play practices, I got lonely and went to the feed store. I came home with five pretty little bantams of unknown breed or variety.

That's not entirely true. There was this one Silkie...
Now, I've never had a Silkie before, so this was an extra special treat for me.

The Silkie came home with four friends (of unknown breed or variety)
I have some guesses, but part of the fun is finding out what they will actually grow up to be.

Then a couple days after the bantams came home, two of our Serama eggs hatched that were being incubated by Laura over at Castle Delight Seramas.

Of course they had to come home with us too.

AMAZING the size difference between the Serama and the "other" bantam. I'm not sure what that other one is, but that Serama is just tiny.

 Even though they are tiny, they like to push their way around. Even if it means from the backside... LOL

 But basically, they sit around and look cute most of the time.

 Small, smaller and smallest (our two Seramas are on the far right, and far left)

The bigger chicks take good care of the younger ones. 

 I have NO CLUE what this chick is. The feather pattern is beautiful, almost a blue with brown... My son Christian named it "Jeff". I secretly hope that Jeff is a girl.


Misty said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! They are ridiculously amazing!!! i love how the first shot looks like they are doing the hokey pokey!

CaraDD said...

Two things...those are AMAZING costumes. And...AHHHHHH!

Beth E. said...

Those are great costumes! Wow!

The baby chicks are so cute...I've never seen a solid white one before. I especially like that one!