Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is it Spring Yet?

The chickens on the farm are hoping spring comes soon. They were demanding a weather change.

We got the weather change, it went from raining and flooding, to some sunshine, followed by hail and then yesterday we woke up to more snow. Not much, but enough to make the girls huddle up inside longer than usual.

The good news about "almost" spring season is this....

The brooders are occupied! I'm currently raising chicks to increase our egg-laying flock, and for the Oregon Poultry Swap. If you'd like started pullets, eggs or even some of these cute chicks just give me a holler!

Here's the brooders I set up this past week. I like to use re-purposed materials. This is a large cage that came with our guinea pig. I split it in half, added wire mesh to the backsides with metal clips, cut out holes for PVC pipe gravity feeders (only one installed so far!) and then added waterers.

Here's another chick that came into the world recently. My niece had a baby, and so I am a Great-Aunt!
Christian is in love, and wants to buy her everything girlie that he can find. He's a natural with babies :)

Hurry up Spring!


CaraDD said...

Spring will be nice!! Cute chicks and chic :)

Katie said...

Oh the new chicks!! They are all so springy.

Paula said...

Love those spring chickies, the human and the fuzzy-bottomed kind! The Silkies they are a' broody around here... be still my heart!