Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Story of How it All Began

Several months back, our hearts fell in love with some miniature chickens. The kids and I pondered for weeks over whether or not it would be a sound decision to add some (very adorable) Seramas to our 4H project for the upcoming year. I knew that 4H wasn't the only reason for my wish to have some of these chickens, since I'm not even able to show them due to my advanced age. ha! 

But, over time the kids made the decision for me. My oldest son, Brenden, was just begging to have a new BB Gun and had been saving up money for quite some time. In a shocking turn of events, he opted to use ALL of his saved money to purchase his own pair of Seramas, including whatever it would take to get their housing set up. It's not common for my kids to make such huge sacrificial statements, but when my son does, then it's certainly time for action!

We chose to purchase chicks that were a few weeks old through Castle Delight Seramas, (as if there was really any other option for us!) and went about the difficult task of selecting the pair we wanted out of the birds that were currently available. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, because everyone had their own opinions.

Since we were funding this operation with my son's money, he got the first choice of a pair. This all worked out nicely, except that  I paid a visit to see the chicks first hand, and came away with my own mind made up. I had fallen head over heels for a sweet little rooster named William. 

William <3
Much to my dismay, William was not Brenden's first choice. 
Brenden's first choice was Winston. 

And a good choice indeed! Winston is very showy, and quite handsome. I was a teensy bit disappointed, because William was also very handsome, but he also had a very sweet personality and that made him very attractive to me (kind of like my husband, you know?)

My son was very accommodating, and offered numerous suggestions like, "Maybe we should just get three instead of two", and, "My first choice and your first choice can be friends!"... well, who was going to argue with that? I let him pick out his female, and he chose Clementine to join his rooster Winston. 

Then, it just seemed natural for William to come home with us too.

 But there's a catch. William couldn't live his whole life with another rooster and hen, or there were sure to be problems. So, William needed his own friend *wink wink* 

Thankfully, Clementine had a twin sister who agreed to come home with us as well. "Elizabeth" and William would make a beautiful couple. (Yes, they were named after certain characters in Pirates of the Caribbean) 

To make matters worse even better, my daughter, Alyssa, decided she really liked one of the other hens, and had decided to pitch in with her resources, so I figured a pair and a trio would be even better than just one pair, and her hen would live with Elizabeth and William. She even selected the name Tia (for the curly haired Tia Dalma in the previously mentioned pirate movie). 

BUT, I learned after the fact, that the Tia was a sibling of William. So, the hen that was a sibling of William was now on the list to come home with Brenden's first choice rooster, whose name is Winston, and Winston's chosen mate Clementine. If you google Winston and Clementine, you'll see how the boy came up with his choice of names. Strange isn't he? But the names work.

And... the twists and turns don't end here.

We attended the Oregon Poultry Swap in October, and the Serama Lady (as my friends affectionately call her) was there with several more young seramas that had yet to find permanent homes. One of the little guys was having a hard time with his cage mates, so my family was quite willing to hold him and make sure he was happy (and quiet!) during the event. The bad thing about allowing a family to hold something cute and snuggly, is that it often affects ones sensibilities, and you end up taking things home that you didn't originally intend to. 

No, of course that didn't happen to us! I'm far more sensible, and I'm not at all prone to making emotional decisions. I also don't get led astray by small children with big, round, pleading eyes. Nope, not me. 

Ok fine... I caved. But it's just as well, Tia probably wouldn't have wanted to share a cage with two other chickens anyway, and now she had her own friend. He came with the name Ducci, and now Ducci and Tia are the most happy chicken couple on the farm. 


 The end.

(Unless you want a closer look at the chicken lineage...
but be careful, or you'll want your own!)


Beth E. said...

Well...I'm glad you got the living arrangements all settled! LOL

Misty said...

this made me giggle...

it's like the little soap opera family trees they give...

Miri said...

The END, eh? I just love this.

Paula said...

The only thing better than chickens is...