Saturday, January 21, 2012

Marys River Flood Jan 19, 2012

I know I've had a few visitors checking in over here to see how we're doing, and I'm sorry to be absent for so long. Well, we've been through the river and back, but we're ok! After evacuating for a couple of days, we are finally home. We have no heat (ducting under the house if full of silt and water), we have no water to drink (well is contaminated) and we also have no functioning septic system (that's sure fun with four kids!). With some help with a few people in our community, we're getting by and hopefully the clean up won't take too much out of us.

I'll let the following photo journal tell the story for you, because truthfully, I'm much too tired and cold to talk anymore. I also included Part 1 of my YouTube videos of the flooding in my "neighborhood". I originally took the video and posted it to share with my Mom, because she likes all the details of stuff. Then I decided to share it on Facebook with my friends and family. Then, somehow, it contracted a mini-virus and shot up to over 12,000 views in the first day. Goodness, now a zillion people get to hear what I sound like with my own mini-virus, the kind that makes me sound like I am speaking with a mouthful of cookies and a package of cotton swabs poking me in my lungs. Yeah, great!

Anyway, without further ado... the photos from January 19, 2012 (also, my son's 9th Birthday!)

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