Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Introductions. Again.

The Back Acher Farm is my place.
I started this blog, "Tales from the Back Acher" as a result of many hours of thinking thoughts that needed to be out of my brain and put into a tangible space. The "Tales" were stories of my present life. The day to day excitement, the funny quotes, the silly things my kids did, the awkward and humbling mistakes that I made and learned from, my newly hatched chicks, my chickens, my roosters, my animals. Did I mention my pets? Maybe a little photography too, just for fun. But seriously, it has a time, it has a place, and I often found myself hoping my readers wouldn't get so wound up in my stressful existence that they would desert me. I have abandonment issues.

Then, as the years rolled over, I began to see that I was tending to compartmentalize my thoughts into separate categories, on two separate levels:
Level 1: The humorous, the relaxed, the silly, the sarcastic, the fun and the interesting.
Level 2: The serious, the often times depressing, the passionate, the meaningful, and the REAL DEAL. 
Of course both of those levels are the real me, it's just that the level 2 part of me had a hard time expressing itself in writing. No, I take that back. It never had a hard time expressing itself, it just had a hard time hitting the button that said PUBLISH.

In an effort to be more transparent, as I have recently committed to my friends and my husband that I would be, yet to also be a little less in-your-face about my postings, I have created a new blog called The Heart of the Back Acher. It is a place where my deepest thoughts and emotions will be shown and a place where I want to feel safe to post my beliefs without any fear of comments that go against what I know in my heart to be true. It's where my heart speaks.

As far as this blog goes, I am THRILLED to have a more concrete direction for it. I have felt as if I'd been neglecting it, simply because I didn't know what to do or how to do it. As a perfectionist, the tendency to just do nothing if I couldn't do everything right, kept me from enjoying this as much as I would love to do. I want to keep this space for my most public self - the one that is funny, outgoing, excited about life and ready to show it. I don't intend to chase anyone away, but if you don't like hearing about my mishaps, or life on the farm, or reading about my kids, or hearing about our adventures then you're free to move along. I also welcome new readers to my more intimate side, as I gain up some momentum to post a few things that are heavy on my heart in the coming weeks and months.

With that said, Welcome to the new dual-personality me! (That just sounds scary)
Thank you my faithful friends and family - for your comments and feedback to me both on and offline, your encouragement of my abilities, and your flexibility. I love you all!


Misty said...

totally understand all of this! SO excited for the other blog!

Katie said...

Still here...and love the transparency!
Also taking note of the fact that in your blog list it says I posted 5 weeks ago...my how time flies!