Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Excuses excuses!

ALL four kids got up late - hubby left for work later than usual - kids all had messy hair *gasp*- kids bickered, only one cried, but eventually they all got dressed - pulled my hair into a ponytail and picked off yesterday's mascara - slapped on some eyeliner and some more mascara so I didn't look so dead - brushed teeth - pulled on dirty jeans and a new top that Alyssa picked out - remembered that Brenden didn't take his medicine - looked everywhere for medicine - called my hubby to ask where he put the new prescription that he picked up yesterday - listened as he described that it was still sitting right next to him in the car - hung up after saying nice things, I'm sure - hollered the 3 minute warning - saw only two kids at the bus stop - shoved Brenden out the door as I was brushing his hair - watched Brenden run across the yard with one shoe on, and one shoe half off as the bus was pulling up -  bus stopped, but only three kids got on - waved at bus driver - found remaining kid in the bathroom fixing her messy hair (LOL) - drove that girl to the Middle School - went through the driveup window at my favorite coffee place to get a $1.00 latte (felt like I needed it by now!) - threw a quarter plus a penny in the tip jar just so it would make more noise when it hit than one quarter by itself - drove to the Elementary School - signed out my son's meds - went to his class and made him take his meds - walked to the gym to help another Mom set up the end of the year slideshow - sat down on a hard bleacher - slide show didn't work once all the kids showed up and the lights were off - sent the entire student body outside on a pretend fire drill - some other Mom of a 7th grader asked me if I was going to the Middle School awards - looked completely ignorant because I'd not heard about it - got slide show working - watched half the slideshow - left the slideshow early to make it to the Middle School 7th grade awards on time - sat on another hard bleacher - laughed a lot and enjoyed being proud of a lot of kids I spent 2 years helping teach music to - ran out the door - came home. And that, my friends, is why I wasn't here to chat online this morning :)

Now pardon me, because I only have one more hour of freedom before September. See ya around!


Misty said...

I missed it... Why weren't you around??? :p

Paula said...

I had to lay down and take a nap after reading about your morning...
Double latte for you, dear.

Mom2three said...

Just stopping by to see how you're doing with a week off of school. I hope that you're able to relax and enjoy some time with the kids.

I had to laugh at not know about something going on at school. My oldest used to do that all the time. Finally this last year, the high school started sending out emails to the parents once a week of what was going on - including major papers/projects that were due. Once he gave me a "Welcome to my room" letter from the teacher on the LAST day of school!