Friday, April 22, 2011

A Brand New Baby Blog. Only not for babies.

I just wanted to share with all my blog friends here that I'm involved in a new project. And with a new project, comes a new blog. And with a new blog, comes new blog posts. And... you get the idea!

Even though I'm BRAND spankin' new at it, I've joined a team of ladies who meet up every month to put together Charity Quilts. When we aren't together, we are working on these quilts a little bit at a time from home. You can see the new blog we've got set up over at: Hope And Joy Quilts. My desire is that our readers get a little joy out of it, maybe a little hope, and a whole lotta inspiration. If nothing else, can you pray for this group of women (and their devoted husbands and helpers) to be able to continue to share God's love through our deeds and our actions? It would mean so much to us.

Feel free to "follow" our blog and help by offering encouragement, if that is something you can do.
Thank you so much!



Katie said...

I love the quilt blog.

Misty said...

Lovely! You are so amazing!

Mom2three said...

Love this Quilt blog! I just started quilting last year and haven't kept one yet!