Sunday, March 13, 2011

Drug of Choice

I'm here to admit something today, to open myself up like a book and let everyone see just what has really been going on in my life. I'm not sure if anyone else has problems with addictions, or addictive behaviors, but I've got to share something that's really been weighing me down. Here goes.

I'm addicted to fabric.

There, I said it. I love fabric. I love the designs, I love the feel, I love the colors, I love the simplicity of some, and I love the intricacies of others. I can't help it. I could look at fabric for hours. And I have. And I will do it again. I'm ashamed of my addiction, but I've also not hit rock bottom yet. This means that for someone like me, trying to help me just won't work. I have to want to get better.

My husband is partially to blame because like every addict, I have to be able to blame my problems on someone else. It's pretty much his fault because he bought me that deliciously wonderful sewing machine. I'd never sewn more than a few hundred stitches in my life before this last few weeks. If he hadn't enabled me, I might be on the road to recovery, but it's just not so. I've fallen head over heels in love with words like "Jelly Roll, Layer Cake, Fat Quarter, Charm Pack and Honey Bun". I've also been known to sneak onto websites when my family isn't looking to get reminders on how to make a Disappearing 9 Patch for the next quilt I am working on. I've even been caught buying pre-cut squares on eBay. It's true... and as horrible as it sounds, I can't seem to stop thinking up new designs or color combinations.

I'm a lost cause. Don't even bother trying to get help or set up an intervention, because chances are I'll just bring you down with me. And you'll do it smiling. Just like I am.



Katie said...

How is it that you got a sewing machine and didn't call me all freaking out like!?
And I have to say we really are sisters because you just blogged my addiction. I though to myself, self, she is blogging about you.


CaraDD said...

I can help you....I'll come and take the offending substance off your hands. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Alexis said...

Disclaimer! I didn't call anyone about my new purchase because as is typical of all addicts I was very sick the day of the purchase and was only thinking myself. I came home, pulled the machine out of it's box, made a few stitches because I wanted to see if the hearts really looked like hearts and then I crawled into bed for four days of misery. It's the truth. (But I did tell Cara during the middle of a text conversation, blame her. Bahaha!)

Katie said...

Oh, so now you two are conspiring behind my back. Only a true stitching addict would do that. LOL!

Cara, you cannot come take my stash. Its mine. hehe

Mom2three said...

I can also help way to deal with your addiction... The best to deal with this is to remove all temptations so you will not fall off the wagon. I'll take the sewing machine since Cara is offering to take the material. It would not be right to take more material since my cabinets are already over flowing... *oops*

Can't wait to hear about your adventures

Misty said...

Hmmm... I LOVE fabric. I buy a TON of fabric all of the time.
But the truly sick and sad part????

I can't sew. :(

Paula said...

*With my head hung low*
I have the same addiction...
Whenever Hubby lets me go to the fabric store, (not very often, I can assure you) I hold the bag in my lap all the way home and... I can't believe I'm admitting this... sometimes I stick my hand in the bag to TOUCH the fabric. *BLUSH*
Of course, there are worse things to be addicted to... at least that's what I keep telling myself... *sigh*

Miriam said...

I was going to comment something witty-like but then, no kidding, part of my fabric stash collapsed on the shelves in my office and I had to dig myself out of a pile of fat quarters. I feel your pain. I'll meet you at Fabric Depot to discuss.

Nezzy said...

Oh baby, this Ozark Farm Chicks knows we all have our secret addictions. Your knee deep in beautiful fabric and me, well I just call it OCFD (Obsessive, Compulsive, Flower Disorder) Whew, there I said it. I feel soooo much better now.

God bless ya'll from the silly hills and hollers of the Missouri Pondersoa!!!!

Kara Young said...

I feel your pain;) No really...I do!