Monday, May 24, 2010

The post that makes you gain a pound

So here goes. I've been on this kick for the last few months to BETTER myself, to kick the habit of drinking my all-time favorite DR. PEPPER (which I have been successful at for over 300 days now!!) and most recently I went on a NO SUGARY FATTY NASTY FOR MY BODY stuff challenge. Two weeks - that's what I was going for.

It was the longest two weeks of my life. It was terribly painful and traumatic. This is the post in which I heal from that horrid memory.

I made these today. Someone got me a birthday present and so I was trying it out. It worked goooood. (Too bad I didn't get out my REAL camera though - I just used my iPhone, bear with me)

These are Pioneer Woman's "Spreads". They are pretty easy cookie bars - and pretty easy on the eyes too. I only ate one.

At a time.

Then, since my wonderful birthday present was such a fun thing to use, I kept on going!
I couldn't stop at dessert...

Mom - don't look! Don't say I didn't warn you!!

How about some yummy yeasty delicious rolls!

Yes, they do taste as good as they look. Maybe even better. You'll have to come over and share some with me.

I didn't forget a picture of my birthday present. I knew you wanted to see what color it was :)
This is a teensy peek at my new Stand Mixer... to replace the hand-held mixer I've been using since 1994.

It's gorgeous! It makes me want to feed my family - and actually plan ahead. Nice thinking on my hubby's part, don't you think??


CaraDD said...

Dr. Pepper is going to be so sad. I'm still cheating a little on Saturdays. Half a 'Pepper. You are my hero for giving him up cold turkey. And happy, happy Birthday.

Misty said...

um, yep... but yum...

Miriam said...

Happy BIRTHDAY! CAN YOU HEAR ME SHOUTING FROM A COUPLE HOURS SOUTH?! What a cute mixer. And the baked goods? Totally *not* a slippery slope. 'Cause it's your BIRTHDAY! :)

Quawana said...

Oh you so have to share the recipe for those bar cookies. Yes the rolls look yummy too. I love your red mixer! I love my Kitchen aid. Stand mixers are such a wonderful thing to have in the kitchen

Katie said...

Girlfriend! 300 days! YOU are MY hero!
Did you make those lurvely yeasty buttons in your new mixer? Did you save me one for my birthday? *snicker*

Have a wonderful birthday dear friend-I love you and miss you more than I can say!