Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's a Fiesta every day

This is why I haven't posted in awhile. I've been busy. I was having a fiesta. Matter of fact I have a fiesta every single day. Sometimes two or three times a day.All in all, I am in love with my new dishes.

I've also been busy doing other stuff, but that's not as exciting as my new Fiesta dishes. Are you tired of hearing "Fiesta" yet? Well I am, sooo I'll change the subject now. But if you want to see how I made that really yummy looking fruit dip, you'll have to read that post over here at the Nearly Rural Farmgirl Connection site where I contributed that little tidbit today. Speaking of tidbits, I'm going to throw out a list of what I've been busy doing, so as to remind myself when I come back next year, just how busy I was and how far I've come. (And how insane I can be, but that's another blog post entirely).

This past month:
I got to help with six of the productions of the play,  Beauty and the Beast at the Middle School (fun!)
We had Spring Break
We took a trip to Idaho and got to meet our new nephew
I judged a spelling bee and made little kids cry (oh, now that's what pressure feels like!)
I grew closer to the realization that teens really do cause insanity
I found out my brother-in-law has lymphoma
We had Easter - it was pretty low key, but meaningful.
My husband turned 39 (Woah! Teetering on the edge there baby!)
We got new chicks - and then a few more - and then just two more - because that's how it always works.
My Mom got a new car (noteworthy!) It's actually a mini-van. So she can have room for all her grandkids (I sure do love her)
I helped run a mega time consuming fundraiser at our kids' school. I learned some more of my strengths and weaknesses during that couple of weeks.
I signed up 2 of my 4 kids for softball/baseball season. I've always been a bit worried about sports that chew into summer vacation time, but I think it will work out ok.
We signed my eldest up for High School *gulp!*
I helped with the district Band Concert, which was a HUGE undertaking, but one of the most fun things in a long time. (Not counting the vomit from the kid who got sick during rehearsal.)
I helped organize my husband's new (to him) office space. I wish I had that kind of initiative in my OWN space!

And right now? I'm procrastinating on my next project. A workshop on Teens and the Internet. It's frightening, and I desperately need occasional breaks from reality and statistics. Ugh!! Maybe I'll share my notes with you in the near future. Until then, I'm off to class - oh yeah, we signed up for a class this past month too, it's on "What Makes Your Middle Schooler Tick". I haven't learned what makes them "tick" yet, but I already have lots of lessons on what makes them "ticked off". Ha!
I'm outta here... for now.

P.S. I love my Fiesta Dishes.