Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She Lives!

Hello 2010, Goodbye 2009.

I have not been too busy to write, or think about writing, or contemplate thoughts. I've just not had the WANT TO. And so now here I am. Wondering which things to write about in case I don't want to write tomorrow, or the day after... or the next 2 months. I hope it doesn't happen like that, and quite frankly, I know it won't! I know it won't because I say it won't and everything I say happens.

Bahahahaha! You found that funny too, didn't ya?

Things certainly aren't going as I would like them to be, but I do feel incredibly blessed nonetheless. I have spent the last few months worrying about a female-type problem. I guess it's easier to not blog than to put my worries down and feel vulnerable and exposed. And helpless.

I have enough problems, that one more problem sometimes feels like it's going to make my brains explode. But then when my attitude adjusts, I realize that the reason I have so many problems is to prep me for the ones to come! Oh boy, I'm not sure I want to even go there.

Anyway, I went ahead with my resolution to have my annual visit to the doctor. The one I haven't seen since my son was born almost seven years ago (go ahead, flog me now). She said something about nagging me, but she realized quickly that I was repentant enough, so she saved the comments for someone else. When I wrote down my goal list of 101 in 1001 a few months back, I listed "Annual Exam" on there. I was pretty sure I'd have it done right off the bat, but I looked back and it's been a year since I wrote that list. Ugh! I do feel pretty good that I didn't wait the entire 1001 days to cross it off though, so cut me some slack.

I'm not going to sit here and write all about my exam, because quite frankly nobody wants to hear about that, and those who do are probably sick. But I left with a list of new vitamins to take, and another longer list of things to avoid. What sucks is the "avoid" list is quite simply a list of all the things that truly bring me joy in life. I'm really not sure what to do with no chocolate, no sugar, no caffeine, no salt and no breathing. Oh wait, breathing isn't on there, but it might as well be. Gosh... Oh right, it just says "decrease", not cut out entirely. I may live.

I have been experiencing lots of pain. Not back pain, that's normal for me. After all I don't live on the "Back Acher" Farm for nothing. This is girl type pain. So hopefully, my doctor's recommendations will help ease my pain, discomfort, fatigue and... any chances of a good mood too. I'm also on the schedule for a sonogram, because apparently all the probing and prodding didn't show clearly the things the doctor needs to see to help with my issues or to make a proper diagnosis. Oh the joy! The excitement. I can't wait. (I'm taking chocolate with me.)

Now I'm making this short, because I've run out of words and I want to get my Year in Review done sometime this month. Well that, and it's just not fun writing about my problems. Unless you think it's fun how I tried to take my little toe off yesterday while getting in the shower and now I'm limping around again. Now that IS funny. Enjoy a free giggle on the house. The next one will cost ya.

Happy and Healthy New Year to you all!


Miriam said...

Oh, oh, oh. I am so glad to hear from you and so sorry to hear that it's been a particularly un-blog-worthy few months.

Love you, Lex.

heidi said...

I've missed you Lexi dahling. Mwah! I'm sorry for your pain and troubles but I'm glad you finally went in to the dr.

Hope you have a fabulous week, even if you don't make it back to write again. ;-)

He & Me + 3 said...

Well, happy new year. Sorry that you have been in so much pain. I hope they figure out what is wrong.

Beth E. said...

Awww....I'm sorry you've been having health issues! I can relate...truly, I can. I've just chosen not to blog about it, either.

Feel better soon!

Amydeanne said...

ouchies! that doesn't sound like fun! Happy new Year A!

purplemoose said...

Wow, starting new year out with a bang!! ugh. Sorry about the chocolate, that's not fun at all!

Mokihana said...

I'm really sorry about the chocolate too! And the sugar. Trying to get off that myself. I'm glad you went to the doctor and got some help though. I pray the new regimen will really make some improvements in your life.