Friday, October 16, 2009

Now where did I leave my wagon?

Weight loss isn't easy. It sometimes gets in the way of other things, like dessert, and free time! Weight loss has to be something you really want, or you're going to get exactly what you put into it. Nothing, equals nothing. That's exactly what I've gotten these past few miserable weeks. Nothing!

I check my scale from time to time, just to see how bad things are, and thankfully it hasn't gotten much WORSE, but knowing that I won't ever move forward towards my goals unless I actually PARTICIPATE has gotten me to get back on the wagon again. I'm picking up where I left off. I'm doing it today.

Over the past few weeks we buried a family member, I suffered a really deep and sudden bout of depression, I had terrible back pain, we ran out of groceries and money at the same time, my marriage took a nosedive, and I lived to tell about it. I'm refocusing. I'm directing my gaze towards what I can accomplish instead of what I feel helpless about. (And I still haven't had hardly ANY soda since August 1st - a goal that has far exceeded my expectations and become a habit!) I'm grateful for every day that I get a chance to wake up and breathe clean air. I'm happy that my husband insists on sticking by my side no matter how obnoxious I can be, and I'm glad I am learning how to put up food for when the finances get lean. I know I can do this, it's just going to take more effort for me than most. But let me tell ya, I have a God on my side that is far bigger than any problem or pain I could ever have.

Time for breakfast... where's my wagon?


Beth E. said...

I've gotten way behind in my blog reading, so I'm just now reading yours.

I totally agree with you...weight loss is NOT easy. I've lost my wagon a few times, myself, and it gets harder and harder to climb back on.

I'm sorry you've been going through such a rough time. I'm praying for you!

Misty said...

I love you... And I believe in that whole "strength in numbers" theory... Maybe an even bigger thing to gain is the strength and maturity to "stick with it" (wow, this is a cliche' comment) even when everything falls apart. We'll work on that one together...