Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Proud Momma

Princess D played her first Volleyball game ever tonight... made her volleyball-lovin' Momma SO proud!! She started practice a couple weeks ago, and couldn't get a serve over the net to save her life. Matter of fact even passing the ball was quite a challenge - those arms kept wanting to bend at the elbows and that little head kept wanting to turn away whenever the ball flew her direction. I've spent quite a bit of my time working with this team (I'm NOT the coach, just the mascot! haha!) and being able to see them all improve so much has been a blast!

You couldn't tell this girl didn't know how to serve a ball last week. Now, this girl's got game! She's got her first win under her belt, and a big smile on her sleeping face by now.

Not to be outdone... her older sister's game started an hour and a half later, in another town a half hour away. (Yeah, I'm crazy and I love to drive all over tarnation). I missed the first few minutes because I was cheering on a bunch of 6th Graders, but I got to see this determined little gal of mine hit FOURTEEN serves in a row! It was unreal. The opposing crowd started to look a bit embarrassed after about point number nine... then other coach called a time out to rattle our team up a bit, as well as announcing a few impromptu substitutions, but it didn't seem to phase 'em much.

Another win! Way to go girls. I'm proud of ya!

And in other news... I'm about THE WORST sports photographer ever. I'm almost sorry I even tried, but now I know to stick with things that hold still until I can get a brain transplant. *sigh*


Grandma Dora the Explorer said...

Grandpah says way to go Hazel and Lucy.

Misty said...

i LOVE volleyball! how fun! way to go girls!

He & Me + 3 said...

i used to play VB and I coached Varsity VB before having kids. I love it! Love it! Hope they both have great seasons.

Beth E. said...

Congratulations to your girls!

I like your pics just fine...they look good to me! :-)

Katie said...

Way to play, grills!

Hey don't worry about the pic's, your just getting used to the new camera...right?!

Miriam said...

They look so PROFESSIONAL! Hello, major league volleyball. (Is there such a thing?)