Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Les Schwab Road Tour

We've named our recent vacation the "Les Schwab Road Tour". For those of you unfamiliar with the name "Les Schwab", it's the name of a rather large chain of Tire centers in the Western States. My children are now traumatized everytime we drive by one. We used the services of FOUR of them just on the way TO Idaho. Now if you're already a Facebook friend, you saw frequent updates of our "adventures". Sorry if it's a repeat, but here's what happened (in a nutshell).

We plan trip weeks in advance
We plan to leave at 9 a.m. to pick up step-daughter in Portland on the way by 10
We plan to be at our campground by 4 pm at the latest
We leave house by11
Pick up step-daughter by one(ish)
We eat Lunch at Multnomah Falls (beautiful!)
We drive a couple more hours
Weather report from the car: 103 degrees
Shred a tire on the travel trailer in the middle of nowhere
Dance around the trailer wondering what on earth to do
Pull off spare tire and thank Jesus that it's a decent spare
Thank Jesus profusely for sending a random Les Schwab employee by at just the right time
(Thank you Les Schwab guy from The Dalles, Oregon!)
Take pictures of Les Schwab employee changing our stubborn tire
Hit the road again and drive another half hour
Shred another tire on the opposite side of the trailer
Pray for forgiveness
Call roadside assistance and find out they can only help you if you have prepared yourself with two spare tires and that they can't do any assisting
Call the next closest Les Schwab and find out they'll have someone come in after hours to help us if we hurry and get there
Park in a really strange fashion across the ditch, so as to level the trailer
Smack off fire ants from ankles
Pick tumbleweed bits out of bottoms of feet
Unhook the trailer
Go crazy from the biting flies
Say huge prayers that God will protect our belongings while we drive off, with only one of the two doors locked on the trailer because nobody knows where the key went
Get to Les Schwab in Hermiston, call pager that the manager left us a number for and wait, for what seems like forever
Les Schwab guy finally shows up and takes a full HOUR just to find the right price for our tire
Watch as the sun sets, and picture our trailer in flames alongside the highway in my mind
Pay for tire
Feed kids at a Subway restaurant inside a Walmart while my husband shops for a large jack
Visit Gas station while scarfing sandwich
Drive the hour back to our trailer, nervous as heck that we'll even still have a trailer when we get there
Thank Jesus that our trailer was left untouched
Scan for rattlesnakes on the rocks
Hook up trailer
Beat off fireants from ankles again
Yell at kids to stop fighting and to stay in the vehicle for the love of Pete
Assist tire change
Get on the road again by 10:30 pm
Drive gingerly and with much tension
Arrive at campground sometime really late
Set up camp and get this nagging feeling that one of the tires looks low on air
Argue over who forgot to pack the tent pegs
Visit the showers and get rid of the dust and fire ant guts
Asleep at 2 a.m.

A couple days later...
Wake up, load up, and get out of town
Drive to nearest Les Schwab store in La Grande, Oregon and ask for a trailer tire
Les Schwab guy inspects our tires and points out that they have no trailer tires in stock, but that we're sporting a shiny metal screw in one of our 2 remaining tires. It's the suspicious tire from the night before, of course.
Repair tire, make calls to next Les Schwab store, hit the road again.
Eat something somewhere
Arrive at Les Schwab store in Baker City, Oregon and ask for a trailer tire
New tire in place, spare tire packed back up and we hit the road again grateful to be MOST of the way to Idaho. Everything after that is pretty much a blur... or another blog post anyway :)


momof3darlings said...'s only been in the 70s-low 80s here in Oklahoma...

...where I said you should have come in the first place.


I HATE when plans don't go off as planned. And I am SUCH a planner! LOL

I've missed you! But have been stalking...errr...umm...FOLLOWING on facebook. ;)

Miriam said...

Oh, Lex. Your love/hate affair with Les Schwab begins. Last summer KL and our friend Carolyn and I were on a road trip (mommy time out - yay!) when we got a flat tire in no-mans-land north of Florence. Les Schwab sent a man out. Our spare was no good. He followed us 30 miles to the nearest Les Schwab while we drove appx 2 miles an hour on the bad spare. Then the manager GAVE us a new tire. He said if his wife was on a trip he'd want someone to take care of her. Sigh.

heidi said...

Oh my WORD what an ordeal/adventure. LOL Glad to see you back!!

Beth E. said...

Somehow, I missed this post! I've not been getting your updates. This has happened with a couple of other people. It's so name is being dropped as a follower!

Why no, I'm not getting paranoid...not at all! ;-)

Sheesh...what a trip you had! I'm glad everyone got back home, safe and sound!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Good grief- sounds like you planned your trip with Les Schwab as the destination!
It could have been a lot worse... uhhh... well, I don't know- this trip sounds pretty bad to me!!

Mokihana said...

I love Les Scwab... but sorry you had to even stop there! We're heading to Montana maybe in a couple of weeks and hope we don't run into the same thing!

purplemoose said...

This almost sounds like a commercial for Les Schwab. I am glad they took such good care of you! But this also makes our recent trip sound like a trip to Disneyland. :(