Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Talking to God

I typically don't go around photographing people having personal time with our Heavenly Father. This past week, the glory of the Lord shone so brightly on the faces of these amazing young people that I felt compelled... no, more like LED, to capture some of these moments. I do not look for comments, I just want others to appreciate what I got to get a glimpse of... open hearts and humble spirits. I love camp, and I love each and every one of the people that I got to share my week with.



momof3darlings said...

I believe these are POWERFUL photos! And obviously you know what a fan *I* am of worship photos! LOL There's just something so magical about them...people in at their most vulnerable. I think they are beautiful and you did a FANTASTIC job!

Have I said how much I missed your blogs??

Beth E. said...

Awesome...simply awesome!