Monday, June 22, 2009

My Real Life Farmtown

"Farmtown" if you haven't heard already, is a Farming game that we like to play on Facebook that allows us the thrill of planting and growing crops in record time, plus actually making money from it. Well, it's pretend money, so we can buy more seeds and junk to decorate our property. It's what we like to do when we are resting in our recliners from the REAL farmish stuff at our place.

In real life, my pumpkins don't take four days to harvest. But they sure are growing! Last year, my dadgum chickens (when they were more "free range" and less "field range") got into the pumpkin and zucchini seeds and ate every last one. Or so we thought... we actually ended up with one zucchini plant that managed to serve us just fine, only it was in a different location than I had originally planted it!

Our garden this year is a scaled down version of last year. We only planted as time and weather allowed, which wasn't much. (Definitely not the fault of the weather!) Thankfully, it wasn't a sopping wet, muddy mess like last May/June!

Here's what's on the menu this year:
Corn (twice as much as last year)
Strawberries - which are giving us a super-sweet reward for all that mucking through the mud last May!
Tomatoes - fewer plants, started earlier
Cauliflower and Broccoli - looking too leggy and they keep blooming. Darned things.
Pumpkin - started plants this time, instead of seeds. Much better luck!
Cucumbers - planted alongside the chicken fencing so they can enjoy one half and we get the other!
Sunflowers GALORE! Several varieties all along the fenceline this year. I can't wait to see what comes up and take a picture of it.
Carrots - I cheated and tried a package of those strips that come pre-seeded. I also planted a couple rows of a different, smaller variety as well. We seem to prefer the smaller ones.
Watermelon - not much luck last year, and I'm pretty sure it will be about the same this time around, but it's fun to take up space with huge mounds.
Some strange variety of Squash - my daughter chose it, I planted it. I love to humor the help.
Potatoes - some of last year's potatoes volunteered to grow again. We'll be putting a bunch more into above ground planters this week as a test garden.

And flowers - oh boy I am keeping with my goal of growing 50 square feet of ONLY flowers. Might not seem like much, but I LOVE ME SOME FLOWERS. I ended up only planting annuals in the garden, because Mr Nice Guy likes to till the whole thing up every year so I didn't see any reason to do perennials. I'll save those for around the house. We've got rows of marigolds, cosmos, bachelor buttons and asters. I'm positive there's a row of mixed flowers as well as a few others that will be a complete surprise when they bloom.

Also... we have about 18 varieties of salad greens growing in our leased out garden, and so lettuce, spinach and things like that are in abundant supply.

We picked Royal Anne cherries today and I'm currently trying to figure out what to do with them. I am pondering the idea of pulling out the food dehydrator and making fruit leather for the kids. Any suggestions for what to do with large quantities of cherries besides canning them?? We'll be helping pick the rest of the (huge!) tree in a couple days and I'd sure like to be a little more prepared - so shoot me some ideas!


Holly said...

How about jam or jelly?

Beth E. said...

Those cherries look deeeelicious! I love 'em. Wish we lived closer to one another...I'd definitely be willing to take some of those off your hands! ;-)

Blessings to you, Lexie!

Hop over to visit my blog sometime...I've missed your sweet comments!

The Bagenski Family said...

Girl you gotta find me on facebook so we can send each other TREES!!!! LOL

Lea said...

Mmmmm those look delish!
Hey, what did you think of the carrots on strips? heehee
I've never tried that!

Isn't it funny how pretty much one zucchini plant will feed a village?

Amydeanne said...

lol i saw that game and i've been trying not to get suckered into it or I will forget to do my real one! lol