Thursday, June 11, 2009

Graduation Day

I had such fun photographing our Eva Marie on her graduation day! She and her friends are fun, and get an obvious kick out of life. She graduated from a high school program through PCC that allows the students to also complete credits towards an associates degree alongside their diploma. She's got a big head start on her degree!

Can you believe this girl wants to be a Math Teacher?

We took these two out to dinner and had SUCH a great time with the family.

This last picture kinda shows us how it feels to FINALLY complete 12 years of school plus 75 college credits too.

We're proud of you girlie, and praying that God blesses you greatly in your future!


Holly said...

CONGRATULATIONS! The pictures are gorgeous!

Beth E. said...

Great pictures! I wish you lived closer. I definitely would have had you take Bo's senior pictures!

Do you have a FB account? I have posted his pics from graduation on my FB. I just haven't gotten them posted on my blog yet.

Great to see a post from you, girl! I've missed you!

He And Me + 3 said...

Those were great pictures. I love the last one. Too funny. Congrats Eva.

Dining Table Teacher said...

Super great pics. I prefer real life pics rather than those posey posey ones.

My favorite toddler pics of my girls are when they show the camera their underwear at the very second before the camera snaps!