Monday, June 15, 2009

Forgive Me

I have a heavy heart today. For there are many things I have done wrong lately, intentionally, and these things have gone unforgiven. Matter of fact I haven't even asked for forgiveness, I just keep doing these things. I do them on purpose. I need an intervention, some inpatient counseling... medication maybe? I know, group therapy!

Forgive me for causing my entire family to stumble. To stumble into the pits of Facebook, that is. How was I to know that the entire bunch of them would love it as much as I do? I did not know that it was like a contagious disease, wiping out whole families at a time. My children, my parents, my cousins, and now my own BROTHER! *gasp* My brother was the toughest one of all. I thought he was immune. He rarely calls, doesn't read his email much, and to see him on Facebook, interacting with the rest of us, means that something has gone terribly wrong. He's in. He's sick... just like the rest of us. What have I done??

Forgive me for setting up my own children on Twitter. I meant them no harm. Seeing them post from Twitter, while they were miles away from me all weekend, means that their illness goes one step further. They HAD to do it, their brain chemicals have been altered forever. And although I loved very much the fact that they were staying in constant contact with me, and the rest of our extended family, I know deep down that they may never recuperate fully. What kind of Mother am I?

Forgive me for Facebook mobile. I feel such a miniature sense of shame everytime someone posts a new update, and I reply, while standing in the checkout line at Safeway. Sometimes I say something encouraging when someone needs encouragement, sometimes it's just a prayer, often times it's a giggle. But if those people behind me knew what I was doing, I would just die of embarrassment! How could I go so far as to be interested in other people's lives like that? I may very well never come back to real life after this last week. It was a tough one being so involved with other human beings. I need help. And so much for developing the perfect hermit-like lifestyle. Hmph! I should be ashamed of myself.

Any chance that Facebook Group Therapy will be available as a mobile application?


The Hotrum Family said...

LOL! Forgiven....but don't stop...I would miss you!

He And Me + 3 said...

That is why I have an account but don't go on very often. Don't want to be addicted. Blogging is bad enough

momof3darlings said...


I have the SAME disease, but I sought treatment. I'm feeling MUCH better now...

Beth E. said...

I'm with Mimi...blogging is enough for me to keep up with. I have the FB, but don't get on it as much!