Thursday, May 28, 2009

Any old post will do

After trying unsuccessfully for two weeks now to get a post on here, I have decided to just start right where I am, and leave out everything in between. You didn't miss much. Trust me.

Other than an old friend emailed me (on an email account I don't use anymore so it took 5 days to notice), it was a surprise. I still haven't emailed back, because I'm a schmuck at communicating lately and I really don't know what to say. Matter of fact I don't know what to say to anyone right now, but as for this old friend, I'm afraid that she wants to be pals again, and that I will try my hardest, like I am prone to doing with everyone, just to lose her again, so what's the point? I just sit and do nothing. I'm a loser like that.

Then, I complained about having no friends to talk to. My husband rolled his eyes at me. No sympathy, because he knows I could have friends if I wanted them, so I just continue to sit. And mope about it. Lame. I secretly think he likes having the corner of the market on my attention lately. Don't worry, it will get old soon. I know he likes his alone time, and having me fill all of it is probably going to wear him down thin in no time flat.

We went camping for Memorial Day weekend. LOVED it. Sunshine, laziness, too much food, kids all over the place, pictures, sleep, more food. It was good. We came home on our 7th anniversary, and had a nice evening. Then went to bed mad about something stupid. I was feeling the huge burden of... lotsa stuff. You know the list: being unwanted, forgotten, unappreciated, unliked, downright depressed. What the heck? It's not like I'm an orphan! I had a good weekend, but I guess the glow only lasted so long.

A couple days later was my birthday. That was yesterday. Nobody noticed.

Just kidding.

I realized why I love Facebook. I got a lot of Happy Birthdays, and well wishes, and I would be lying if I didn't say it made me feel much better than two days before when I was a sobbing mess. It was probably my kids' fault anyway, I tend to basically feel like a complete failure when I'm around them for more than seven minutes at a time. Remember that post on optimism? Boy has it been a stretch for me! I knew the day I posted it, that I'd get a serious emotional whomping to see if I could really practice what I shared. Wow. Not pleasant, but it was for a reason I know. It's all about growing, learning to accept who I am, and keeping it real.

My birthday yesterday, was by far one of the best birthdays I've had in a year! (Har har) It was seriously better than most I can recall for the last few years, for sure. Mostly because my kids chose to get along for the better part of the ENTIRE DAY, and because my sweet husband of seven years decided to:
1. Remember
2. Plan ahead a bit
3. Make me feel special
4. Bow to my every whim
Ok, maybe he didn't actually bow, but he did humor me more than normal. He bought me a cake, he put together the new patio furntiture that I have been waiting YEARS to buy, he took us out to dinner the night BEFORE, he gave me a card that brought me to tears (the happy kind), he gave me a lottery ticket. Oh yeah, I'm not joking. He figured if anyone deserved 220 Million, that it would be me. Plus he knew I'd throw him a bone or two if I won, so it's all good. Better than the bumpers for the Chevelle he was threatening to buy last week when I was being naughty. Not that I'm ever naughty... or moody... or grouchy... or whiny... or... forget it, you're learning too much about me in one paragraph.

Anyway, other than the above mentioned stuff, and my poor, dead turkey that I found this morning (who is still laying out in the field because my stomach couldn't handle picking her up yet before I ate breakfast... or lunch) not much else has been going on.

Oh yeah, and a couple more things just in case I have to refer to them later:
We started our garden, of course.
I am getting YUM-O strawberries from the plants we put in last year *squeal*
I have a broody hen (setting on 7 eggs - will I get my chicks this year??)
Princess D's broken foot is healing nicely
My fractured tooth will get a crown soon (then I'll be a real princess, right, with a crown and all? Ok, forget I said that)
My firstborn has four teeth slated for extraction - since she is apparently lacking in 3 permanent teeth and this throws her off the orthodontic track, but not for too much longer.
Christian's dog bite injury looks good, although the steri-strips came off way too soon because he took it upon himself to water all the flowers around the house and made his hand all soggy. It's too soon to tell if infection will set in, but he sure isn't following doctors orders. (Sorry if this is all news to you, if you follow my twitters, you'd have known about that already!)

Gee, that's about it. Good thing I decided to skip all the stuff going on lately huh?

I want to say a special thank you to the very few readers I have left who made it a point to notice my absence and say something about it. I heart you! Thanks for dragging me back out from under the porch.

Now - I'm going to try for a fourth time to get another graphic completed and posted before the month of June (assuming the program stops crashing on me, or the need to sit out in the sun and read a book doesn't get in the way again) Matter of fact I might just email that old friend just to say Hi while I'm at it. It's been awfully lonely over here on the farm and I could use a bit of human interaction. Hope you all are getting the wonderful kind of weather we've been enjoying in Oregon!

Love and prayers,


heidi said...

APparently you've had more to say than you thought you did, eh?

Missed you.

Happy Bday, WonderWoman!

He And Me + 3 said...

I love the new blog makeover. LOVE IT!
Lots has been going on. So glad you decided to check back in.
i got my gift card thank you.
Happy Birthday and I am so glad it was a great day for ya!
Post more often from now have been missed.

momof3darlings said...


I totally heart you.

More than you know.

Maybe because I can TOTALLY 100% understand EXACTLY what you are talking about. Unwanted. Unappreciated. etc etc...oh yes, I have those times too. Used to have them *A*LOT* certain times of the month, then I found a nice little vitamin that helps me be nice and play fair. ;) Oh yes...My anti-$itch pill...

Anyway, I digress. I can't tell you how much I wish we lived closer together. And not to sit and gab and yak yak yak forever, but for those moments that we just need to sit and be quiet with a friend. We don't have to say a word, just being in the company of someone who understands really is nice.

So, I'm throwing a rope up your way, and I'm tuggin' real hard...let's see if I can pull your state down closer to mine. LOL

And Happy Birthday dear lady.

Beth E. said...

Happy birthday!

You've had a lot going on at your place, haven't you? Your son's injury IS news to me...(I don't Twitter, mainly because I don't have unlimited texting.)Glad he's doing better.

I've missed you so much...welcome back!

Grandma Dora the Explorer said...

Don't feel bad Beth. her Phone must not work either to call Dear ol' Dad. What dog bite? Get my gun.