Monday, April 27, 2009

What if I don't WANT a title?

This momma isn't feeling so hot. Don't get me wrong, I'm all cried out from the last few weeks and was ready to take on the world after a pretty neat Women's Retreat this past weekend (and yet more tears), but now I'm sick again. What gives?? I wanted to come home and clean house! *snicker* Instead, I just use laughter as the medicine of choice for now. I felt like sharing it with you all so nobody else would worry that I'm off flatlining in the chicken shed unnoticed by my family. (That means I'm sorry I've been so... QUIET! But I'm not dead.)

Today at our house in the space of 5 minutes flat...

Princess D brings me the kids' coupon book and shows me THIS little page:

Coupon Good for:
(Your wish is my command)

To which I say - oh YEAH, I would like that one!
Princess D blankly retorts, "Mom, you get that one every day."

I laugh. She's so obnoxious and quick witted. I sound like a hyena with a smokers cough right now. Not feeling well, and sounding even worse! Which of course makes the laughter escalate several degrees.

So I just get done with my lung-burning hysterics and silence falls over the dining room where the kids are working on various projects.

Out of the blue, my little man, in all his 6 years of wisdom states, while busily coloring a butterfly, "I'm finkin of kissin' a girl." Just like that.

More hysterical laughter. It really sounds like I should go on a nicotine patch.

Then Pirate Boy takes off for the bathroom. Apparently my laughter has made HIM need to wet himself (there's a switch) and it's urgent. The room goes quiet again, and then we hear a big THUNK, WHAM, BANG!!

"Are you ok in there son? Did you fall in?" *more giggles*

Pirate Boy yells back, "NO, I'm FINE! I just tripped over the toilet!"

Oh Lord help me, I'm gonna need an inhaler. It's an emergency.

*cough cough wheeze wheeze laugh sputter choke*


He And Me + 3 said...

Girl...I have missed your sense of humore. I am sad that you are sick again, but cracking up at this post. OMGosh...smokers laugh...Stunt Man has that all the time and we always ask him how many packs. LOL

Beth in NC said...

You poor thing. Your kids are a hoot, but mercy, you need to take care of yourself!

Holly said...

missed your posts. Hope you are feeling better soon! Your children are hilarious!

Melanie said...

Tripped over the toilet??!! Now, that's funny!

Beth E. said...

I'm so sorry you've been need some vitamins or something, girl. You've been sick a lot lately! It's probably due to stress, though.

I'm glad you are laughing! Laughter is GREAT exercise for your lungs! It will help you to get rid of all the crud that's in them! So, keep'll be better in no time! You should have no trouble laughing...your kids are a hoot! :o)

Love ya,

Mike said...

If only there was that much laughter in my home for a whole week! Hope you laugh your way to feeling better. I know I do.

momof3darlings said...

I'm sorry you are sick again. :( But I have really missed you!

My coupon book from Chandler and his reply was: "I actually have to DO it?" Nice. I'm so loved. LOL

heidi said...

How does one TRIP over a toilet?!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh, you poor thing... smoke another pack and you'll feel better.
LOL *cough*hack*

Nothing like children to heal your soul... "Royalty for the Day" should mean something, right?

Peggy said...

Hope you feel better real soon Alexis! At least it's not the swine flu from least I'm praying that it is not! Love your humor and that is the best medicine so you should be well as soon as you have a chance to catch up from your retreat! You know a vacation to recoop from the vacation! Vicious cycle! Get well! Sweet kiddos!!!