Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Peachy WINNER!

Our first blogoversary winner was drawn from a hat super technologically advanced method. Ok, so my children supervised while I used Boring, I know, but it works.

Winning number was TWO -Congratulations to Beth E from Outnumbered, Three-to-One !

Go ahead and pop on over to her blog right now - she's one of my favorite reads, but she's awfully sick and could use a cheering up. I sure hope the Peach goodies help.

Beth, send me an email with your info, and I'll be sending out your items soon!


He And Me + 3 said...

Yea Beth! she is so sweet. Glad she won. Although I would have liked to also...but she is not feeling well so this will cheer her up. Yeah for her!
Great giveaway!
Did you visit me today yet?

Beth in NC said...

Sheesh! That girl is winning everything! WTG Beth E! She won my blogoversary giveaway too. Ha.

Congrats to Beth E.

heidi said...

WHAT? *I* didn't win? Good gravy.

Just kidding.

Congrats Beth!

Beth E. said...

Woohoo! Thanks so much...I'm feeling better already! ;o)