Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Word Filled Wednesday Proverbs 10:12

The purpose of Word Filled Wednesday is to share the WORD through a photo and a verse.

In the spirit of St. Valentine's day - forgive me, I was out of town that day! - I want to talk about Loooooove. I just gotta say how HAPPY I am to know that no matter what crappy, cruddy, downright naughty things I've done (and I'm NOT mentioning any - I save that post for Mondays) I am ALWAYS loved. It's like a huge blanket of fog - like in the photo I took this past weekend - covering everything I've ever done wrong, or any toxic words I've ever spoken. It makes everything all nice, and warm and fluffy! Ok, skip the "fluffy" image, but it sure makes things clean again. Thank you God for loving us through our faults, and through the problems we cause. Thank you family, for doing the same thing... and by the way, Happy Birthday to my 9 year old Pirate Boy today!

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He And Me + 3 said...

I have to give a big amen to that!

Beth E. said...

Great post! I will also add a big AMEN to it!

Hope your son has had a great birthday. :o)

Amydeanne said...

hey I don't know how I missed this last week! Sorry! :( I've been a bit scattered lately!
Thanks for the post on my blog, and ya.. that book.. maybe too artsy is the word? lol.

your chickies are too cute! i can't wait til we get ours, but not warm enough here yet! another 2 months i think before the snow is somewhat down and it's a bit warmer!