Thursday, March 26, 2009

Small joys from my kitchen to yours

*Yes, you may have seen this post already today - I'm fixing the time stamp so it actually shows up on TOP instead of a few pages ago - which is when I started the post in the first place. tee hee! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, lovely traveler *
I don't get many visitors out at my place. Ok, like NONE in ages! So I figured I'd bring my place to you. Let's pretend we're hanging out in my kitchen. This is the stuff you'd see!

The Ball canning jar that houses sugar, and my favorite utensil holder.
I love cow spots!

This small ceramic pitcher belonged to my Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Susie.
Now that neither of them are here, I treasure it even more!

Occasionally it will hold warm maple syrup, a spray of dandelions or even the occasional marble or two (but never at the same time!)

This little plant start moved in last year thanks to my oldest son's planting efforts at school. It has lived a year. I say piffle to my reputation as a BLACK thumb gardener!! And if anyone knows what it is, please let me know. I think someone told me once, but I forgot. It's some sort of houseplant.

I say YES to a new, more expensive dish soap. Apple & Pear - plus air freshener in the base of the bottle. I shake the freshening beads around every once in awhile and it smells like I did the dishes. ha!

This cute little chickie, and her mate, were given to me by my friend. They are just the most adorable salt and pepper shakers, but they will never hold seasoning. They live above my sink, and it's frequently humid around those parts! I gave them a vacation for life.

My other chickens, however, are back in business again. GO GIRLS!

My happy little shipping corner. Stuff coming in, stuff going out.
Nevermind the Mr Clean Mop and the bass guitar that also moved in. I'm sure there's a reason those were stashed there.

A girls best friend. Really - when I'm home alone, he is my constant companion. It's somewhat akin to having a toddler all over though, because he parks himself outside the bathroom door when I'd prefer to have some time to myself. Lookit that face!

Oh yeah, a pleasant day in my bright orange farmy kitchen wouldn't be complete without something warm to eat!
Come back soon ya'll, the coffee is always on!
(Or it could be anyway)


Beth in NC said...

I really enjoyed your tour!!! I love the little chicken shakers (on vacation)! And what a sweet doggy. I have a yellow lab who looks very similar. He was our first child.

I am trying to talk my husband into getting some hens/rooster so that our daughter can gather eggs.

Your chili looks so yummy!

I think you should give more tours. I love looking into the lives of others. :o)

Have a fun day!

He And Me + 3 said...

That was so much fun! Thanks for inviting me over. i would love to sample that chili...yum!

Angela said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I felt like I was right with ya,,having a cup of coffee and oohhing and ahhing over your beautiful treasures...((hugs))

Holly said...

Thanks for the tour! That was nice. I enjoyed spending time at your place.

Melanie said...

Hey, thanks for the tour! What a great visit it was! :)

Beth E. said...

I also enjoyed the tour. I'm quite impressed with your eggs. The girls have been busy, eh? Oh, and I love the S&P shakers. I have my grandmother's collection of them, so I usually keep my eyes open for cute ones to add to it. I won't take yours...I promise! :o)

Your chili is making me hungry...better go start supper.


heidi said...

If I could come sit in your kitchen and have coffee, Lexie, I would in a heartbeat. MWAH!

Miriam said...

Thanks! I felt right at home!

Katie said...

I told ya once and I ain't gonna say it again...LOL!

I loved the little walk-about, made me feel like I was right there with ya. ((sigh))

HAY! (snort) I thought your dog got shot. Who is this other fine specimen?