Saturday, January 24, 2009

Edited to Add


Excuse me, but it has been brought to my attention that I have made a grave typographical error. Considering I am a direct descendant from a long line of Proofreading Police, I must offer my deepest regrets. Today, I got THIS in my email...

Wee wee pads are CHUX! Not spelled CHUCKS. "Chucks" would be the possessive term for an item that belonged to someone named "Charles".
See this link:
The Proofreading Police (tee hee)

In my defense, I purposely chose the incorrect spelling. It just looked better my way. And since this is my blog, I can do that. And it's my party, I can cry if I wanna. It's in the rules.

But in case the Proofreading Police finds anything else amiss, I must say, that over the course of the last handful of posts, I DID know that there was at least a couple typos. Usually from middle of the night typing marathons, with glazed over eyes, I did something weird and posted it. Then, I chose to ignore them when proofreading. The reason, you ask? I had already posted my blog, and correcting my errors and reposting would result in the blog going out AGAIN to those people who asked for automatic emails when I post. I can't have THAT either.

So, your vote is... would you rather see a corrected blog, or a duplicate email?

Talk to me ppl, or I'll make so menny misteaks that it will drive yew ntus!

By the way, I won't let on who sent me that email Mom, I promise!


Livy said...

I not c en-ee miss takes butt I vhote that yu ficks yuR miss takes so eye can get moore e-males from yu.



He And Me + 3 said...

That was too funny! You crack me up. I am sure my in laws love all my hit publish post emails. Oops.

heidi said...

Alexis, my dear girl, it's all about your standards. Your level of standards. Is the bar high or low? And priorities. It's also about those, too, as well. In addition to standards and priorities in should also be about integrity.

Psh. If I can read it, I don't care. I get hung up on certain things elsewhere but not here. Besides, I don't proofread my posts. Shhh.

Beth E. said...

R U kidding me??? I didn't know that when a post is edited that the blog goes out AGAIN! Oops...I've got some apologizin' to do! :-p

Katie said...

Better check me email I probably have a editors note on my comment. I misspelled chux also :(


Mokihana said...

I say, forgetaboutit. Do your blog the way you want to. Live outa da box.

There's a link somewhere in cyberspace about how if the first and last letters in a word are correct and in context people can read them anyway.

Says Mokihana who goes back and corrects her misspellings. But she never thought that would give an update notice to subscribers. If I even have any, that is.

Still yet. Leave Chucks as it is. You could always pretend it was one of these word verification things we have to do.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Please always proof read comments too.... bad things can happen with word verification....
(Yes, I am still in therapy over that one.)