Friday, November 28, 2008

How NOT to Make Gravy

I honestly WANTED to come back here and post how NOT to do gravy... but... well... hey! I guess I can! It's not exactly how you'd probably imagined it (and neither did I, for that matter) but hey, I'm living it. So I'm sharing it.

17 Easy (as pie) steps to
NOT get stuck making gravy
on Thanksgiving
(or any other very important holiday, for that matter)

Step 1. Take a look at your calendar and decide that whichever special day you'd like to celebrate will be appropriately placed right during the peak hours of PMS.

Step 2. Throw such a tizzy fit over every single detail that your spouse drags you out of the house to go buy groceries that you wouldn't do earlier because you couldn't get a grip.

Step 3. Throw a matching tizzy fit, only with more tears and drama, into a conversation while still in the car in the parking lot at the grocery store. Then, refuse to accompany your spouse into the store because you look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, and watch as he gets out of the car and heads into the store himself. Without a list.

Step 4. Get really upset that your spouse would have the nerve to leave you in the car, whilst having a tizzy, and sporting an embarrassing red nose with coordinating red-rimmed eyelids. Get out of the car, and proceed to walk to nowhere in general.

Step 5. Act all upset when he calls you on your cell phone to ask where the gravy-in-a-jar is located at the stupid store that YOU chose, because he does not know his way around. AT. ALL.

Step 6. Realize he has no clue that you are out wandering strange neighborhoods, and hang up all upset and keep walking to nowhere. Glare at people because they are looking at you.

Step 7. Walk so far that your behind gets sweaty because you have such a huge, warm coat on, and the purse you brought along with you is carrying bricks.

Step 8. Stop at a store far, far away from the above mentioned grocery store to use the restroom because you didn't calculate how far you could walk on a half full bladder to begin with.

Step 9. Leave the restroom, pat the sweat off your forehead (since you already patted it off the other areas) and proceed to the nearest bench to get your pulse back down to "normal" range.

Step 10. Answer the cell phone again. Act like you don't know where you are, as you leave the store in a hurry and cut down a back alley to avoid the only person on the planet who currently thinks you're still worth it.

Step 11. Give in to the persistant man in the car who is circling the block asking you to please get in so we can go home to our children who will surely be wondering where we are at this point. Go home with him. Take a double dose of pain relievers and bounce around between appearing half drunk and feeling half drunk. Hug kids and go to bed.

Step 12. Give children away first thing the next morning. (This is important)

Step 13. Spend a long, lonely day pouting about everything that is bothering you and then take four hours to even begin to resolve earlier conflict.

Step 14. Cry a lot more. Allow spouse to get closer than 10 feet away in order to say it's no big deal to him that all your body parts hurt and that he'll massage them before he goes to make the whole dinner because he loves you.

Step 15. Actually let him do it. Then go try to find his wife.

Step 16. Wipe down the table, and light candles. Sit down with your happy face, and be thankful for everything you have, the blessings you don't deserve, and that you have not been murdered during the preceeding 24 hours.

Step 17. Amen, I can't wait until Christmas.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am showing off my new header today because I am THANKFUL for my children!

I am also thankful for Mr Nice Guy - my wonderful hubby, but you'll have to scroll further down to see his happy face.

I have a HUGE-MONGOUS list (that is a word in my own personal dictionary) of things and people to be thankful for, but I am in a hurry to go buy a turkey because the two fat birds out in my field are running around singing praises to Jesus today. They have been pardoned. (Well, at least until Christmas) And, I am finally getting out of my PMS induced rut to get excited about being thankful. It's hard to be thankful when you're feeling sorry for yourself. And feeling sore.

Anyhoo, since my kids and my hubby don't visit here as often as YOU do - I wanted to say that I am especially thankful for my friends. This year has been a pretty hectic one of ups and downs and ins and outs. Friends of all kinds have got up to stand by me when I needed it, and be there for me to listen, cry and pray with me. You laughed with me, and usually AT me, but I am so thankful for that. You have often been the wind in my sails to keep me going day in and day out!
God has truly blessed me with treasures aplenty in each and every one of you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

(Maybe I'll be back tomorrow to show you all how NOT to make gravy, would you like that?)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday Psalm 90:14

The purpose of Word Filled Wednesday is to share the WORD through a photo and a verse.

I'm not enjoying the quality of the image all smallish here (you can click here to enlarge!) - but it says:

Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days. Psalm 90:14

I stepped outside on the porch this morning, and shot this photo of the pretty pastel sunrise. God really does know how to show His unfailing love to me in times like this. Mornings are NOT my favorite part of the day, but HE consistantly gives me reasons to sing for joy and be glad through every moment of every day. I just have to be willing to look out the window to find those reasons!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

You know you want to

This is lots of fun! Heidi over at Sacred and Profane passed along this idea from Dawn who got it from somewhere else... and so on. Yeah, it's that fun - and easy!

The rules are as follows:

Go into your pictures.
Open the 6th file and then the 6th photo and post it on your blog.

This is mine:

My daughter is going to kill me for posting this, but it's a picture that I took at one of her band concerts. Talk about the worst lighting imaginable, they put spotlights directly ONTO the kids from the front - awful photo ops, so I just took a few token shots, to remember the moment and tucked them away.
I don't like tagging people, so just leave me a comment and let me know if you're going to play along!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not me! Monday Dang, that hurts!

Being Brutally Honest, and Living to Tell About It

Oh boy, this hurts.

1. It was NOT ME that thought it would be fun to take the dogs for a walk today, and then as USUAL, our punk dog ran off and didn't want to come back.

2. It was NOT ME, that decided we should visit our chickens, while waiting for above punk dog to return from his escapades, and then miss my mark when walking into the coop.

3. It also was NOT ME that missed the step by a long shot, and fell headlong into the chicken coop, flailing about and landing as ungracefully as humanly possible on my GOOD arm and my GOOD knee in some GOODFORNOTHING POOP.

4. It was NOT ME that grabbed my 8 year old son by the neck on the way down, in order to somehow catch myself and save my body from injury while attempting to kill or maim him in the process.

5. I'm SURE IT WAS NOT ME that started hollering and yelling about who the dumb*** was that left boards in the entryway for me to trip over and nearly kill myself as well as my small, innocent child.

5. I'm also fairly sure it was NOT ME that put the stupid boards there in the first place.

6. It was NOT ME that had to have help off the ground by my husband, who clearly must have pushed me from behind because he was laughing so hard he appeared guilty.

7. It also was NOT ME who (after begging my husband to feed the children since I was completely and utterly incapacitated in my recliner by now) decided to grab grabbed his hand as he walked past and get affectionate with it to show my utter gratitude, which caused him to pull back in feigned disgust, which then caused my own hand to whip back and essentially punch myself in the eye.

8. It was also NOT ME that wrote to all my friends and relatives and told them that my husband pushed me into a chicken coop and punched me in the eye, all while laughing hysterically with tears rolling down his face, and that if anything ever happened to me, to look under the shed. They might find my body there.

I think I have a head injury too... or NOT!

What about you? What did you NOT do lately?
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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Blogger Revealed

Sorry for freaking some of you out...
it was purely accidental - and, uh... anyway. I apologize.
Sort of.
Actually, I had a blast. And my kids did too.
It's my son's fault. If he hadn't have been literally rolling on the floor in fits of laughter, I would have stopped with just MY picture.
I heard that my secret blogger's kids didn't even know who this was -

But, my freakish secret blogger friend, was quickly identified by Misty, who was in such a hurry to go see the disappointing Twilight movie that she didn't consider herself one of the forbidden guessers. You see, I knew she would guess it right away - and of course she did. She just has hidden talents my friends. She pays attention to details or something like that.

My mystery blogger even snuck a comment in, all under-the-radar-like and even made me wonder there for a minute.

She's Katie from Katie's Calamities. I insist, that you go visit her blog and let her know how pretty she is. It was quite a blow for her to see her head that huge. She's really quite attractive.

And so are her genetic reproductions.

If you'd like me to make you into a secret alien-like blogger for a day - you just let me know. It's fun to be a blogstar - just bring along your sense of humor and good sportsmanship. Kind of like Katie always does.

Congratulations Misty, thanks for cheating playing along!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Name that Blogger

Something bad is in the water. I'm not sure who polluted our lil' environment here, but something has gone terribly wrong.
I'm having horrible symptoms.

Such as this.... splitting headache I've recently acquired.

Oh, I've also come down with a double sinus infection.
(No really, it feels like it)
I am apparently becoming a Klingon Mother from a galaxy far, far away.

Whoever did this, is going to pay dearly.
Do you have any idea how much it cost to get custom made freak-glasses made for this kid?

And the dental work. Ohhhh my pocketbook hurts.

What the...??? A cycloptic, pointy-chinned sumo wrestler?

That looks like it hurts.

Even the livestock wasn't spared in this...
this PLAGUE of massive destructive proportions.

How embarassing for him to have to pirouette his (multiple personality) life away in my yard.

I think that whoever spawned this fragile elfin-like child must have been the one to poison the water supply.

We may possibly have found the culprit... I see a DNA match in the near future.

Care to take a stab at who this big brained miniature-mouthed blogger really is?
Give ya one hint...

No, I changed my mind... I won't give you any hints. But there's a couple of you (and you know who you are) that are forbidden from guessing. Unless you're trying mess with people like I do. Then that is perfectly acceptable.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday Psalm 115:1

The purpose of Word Filled Wednesday is to share the WORD through a photo and a verse.

Psalm 115:1
Not to us, oh Lord
Not to us
But to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness.

I'm singing that song, aren't you?! "It's ALL FOR YOU"

If you stick around long enough, you can hear the whole song!!

This week has been FULL of opportunities to give GOD the GLORY. Miracles are happening all around us, the earth is going into a winter slumber to renew itself once again and God is ever-loving and faithful. Every. Single. Day.

Have a beautiful week.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me! Monday! The shirking of the obvious

This week was a doozy... there was lots of things I did, but mostly lotsa bad things I did NOT do.
For instance,

1. I did NOT forget all about my son's eye appointment, which made it impossible to reschedule, which then caused me to have to miss my daughter's basketball game.

2. I did NOT mention at the parent club meeting that I used to design websites for another school, in the middle of a discussion about designing one for the club. That would make people put my name on a list somewhere, and would be crazy of me, considering how much I already have to do.

3. I did NOT sleep in until noon on Saturday, and agree to let my friend keep the kids one more night. It was NOT ME that sat around and enjoyed the quiet instead of getting lots of work done because I had the time to.

4. It was NOT ME that shoved my 5 year old son over onto my husband's side of the bed in the middle of the night because I had a foot in my armpit. I have no idea why he showed up in our bed, upside down, but I know he felt loved... by someone. Else.

5. It quite clearly was NOT ME that locked the door on my way to church yesterday, because I knew my in-laws were coming over to pick up my husband's car trailer while we were gone. Obviously, I would NOT do that, because they are welcome in my house at any time.

What about you? What did you NOT do lately?

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Pains and Aches

Hurt hurts.
I've just recently come to that realization. No, really I already knew that, but I liked how it sounded. This past couple of weeks has been filled with different things around us that come with an extra dose of pain, or injury, or hurt. I wanna holler "This is not fun!" *stomps foot*

God has a plan for everything, and everything we endure has a purpose. Right now, one of my best friends is struggling through the loss of their dog. She is holding her kids extra close, and letting her heart feel the pain. Through this, she knows, they will be able to cope a little easier with the upcoming pains of Cancer and other illnesses in her family and with her friends. This is not an easy lesson to be taught, but I hope that when I face the inevitable in my family or with my friends, that she will be a rock for me in the times I feel like withering away. She will have already been there, done that. God has plans here.

My husband has had a lot of emotional hurt recently. This is a pain like no other because you can't put words to it all the time. Sometimes, it just hurts REALLY bad, and there is no medication, or ointment, or bandage that can make it heal any faster. God can help though, and knowing HE is our strength made the last week bearable. Keeping our eyes on the cross, our minds in the Word and our ears in the music of Jesus has brought some semblance of healing. I can't imagine what it would be like without those things. We'd be completely lost.

I mentioned in my last post that I'd been experiencing shoulder pain. I didn't mean to make people feel bad for me, but you know what? I'm glad I mentioned it, because several of you have blessed me with prayers and encouragement. It felt so good!

This blog includes the name "the Back Acher" for a reason. I have struggled with chronic pain so long that I don't remember a time when it wasn't happening. Wait... I do, but it was back when I still got spankings so it was a different kinda pain then. ha! Some of my back pain came about after an accident in California. We were on vacation in San Francisco and while driving downtown, amidst all the neon lights and storefronts, my Dad accidentally ran a red light. I never even saw a light, but apparently it was posted on the opposite side of the road, on a post on the street corner. I think it was kind of hard to see - there was a bar right behind it. My memory is dulled about details like that, but there are things I remember very specifically. I remember the huge yellow taxi coming straight at us from my side of the car. I remember my head hitting the metal post between the windows to my left. I remember the really weird moment of silence. Then Mom... asking if everyone was ok. Then us, lying and telling her yes.

The paramedics gave me attention before the lady in the taxi. She kept going on and on, but she appeared to be fine to me. I don't know what injuries she sustained, if any, but I know she talked a lot. I tried to be "fine". I didn't want the attention, I just wanted to go on with life. But I knew my neck hurt - a lot.

Fast forward to after the (miserable) trip home to Oregon. I saw a couple different people about my whiplash, and a chiropractor helped with some of my upper back pain, and then eventually the pain subsided somewhat. I still get a stiff neck, but I'm one of those really creepy people that gives their head a twist to make an obnoxious cracking noise, and then there is relief. My back pain carried on for quite some time. It was very evident during pregnancies especially, and after rigorous exercise (don't worry, I've cut back! haha!)

After my youngest son was born, I made quite an effort to get back in shape physically. I did a lot of walking. Lots. Around the neighborhood, to the park, to the ice cream place riverside, and I loved it! I was nearly free of pain in my back and finally, I thought, I might be able to enjoy things I had been holding back from for years.

Then... another car accident. It wasn't major, but it was major enough to cause damage physically. We were waiting at a stoplight, and got rear-ended by a little bitty car. The jolt tore who knows what in my lower back, as I was leaning over to WATCH this person hit us through my side view mirror. My husband, who had both hands on the steering wheel, ended up tearing something in his shoulder that required surgery a few months later.

His shoulder surgery was PAINFUL. I've heard people talk about shoulder surgery, and if they've had one - they shudder. I'm not sure what they compare it to, but I always hear, "that is the WORST!" Well... isn't that sweet? Here I am, a few years down the road, still struggling with that same exact spot in my back - it bothers me every single day. Not only that, but it changed the way I placed my feet when I stepped, so it caused a barrage of other physical complaints that sometimes have bothered me more than the back pain itself. First, was the plantar fasciitis (which if you don't feel like googling it, is a severe pain in the heel). Then, came the bursitis in my hip. After I got that hip a bit under control, the other hip took off and flared up. I was a mess. The foot pain (which did eventually make it's rounds to both feet) is completely gone, but my hips - oh boy, it's anybody's guess which day I'll be feeling that, but I'm almost used to it now. Nevermind the fact that I feel like a 60 70 80 year old, most of the time.

It was during my treatment for my painful hip (usually only one at a time at least!) that I asked for some help for my shoulder. (Or maybe it was an appointment for my broken finger?) I wasn't sure why it was starting to hurt, but let me tell ya, it was enough to make me say something. I still don't know that it had anything to do with my back, hips or what... (more likely my incessant blogging, perhaps?) but something had to be done.

I was sent home with some cute little drawings of how to help heal myself. I did them. I was good to go. It took a while though, but persistance paid off and I was grateful... SO grateful to have some of my pain GO AWAY.

Until this summer.
I probably shouldn't have done all that work weeding in the garden, I probably shouldn't be hauling around all those 50 pound bags of grain, I probably shouldn't have slept on my right side so much, matter of fact, I probably shouldn't have fallen down the steps at church onto my right arm (in the middle of service, of course!)... whatever the reason, my shoulder is SCREAMING at me. It's mad, it's angry, it's hurt. And no matter what cute little exercises I do, it's going nowhere. On a typical day, it is frozen in place.

The other day I had a sit-down with my husband, and explained my feelings of worthlessness. What kind of a stay at home Mom can't even run a broom? What was I supposed to be learning from this? I can't afford help. Had I not already put in my "time" being incompetent at so many things? I was having a hard time finding the joy in being a burden to others and my own whining was getting to me.

He expressed to me his inability to ever be able to see me as a burden, because I fill OTHER roles and housekeeping just evidently isn't one of them right now. (You think?) He suggested that I see his shoulder surgeon... Then, he went one step further and said... "Well, if they do need to do surgery, go ahead and have them fix that finger while you're at it." Ha! I laughed. This was not funny. I had been neglecting getting my broken finger repaired because I didn't want to be laid up for a few weeks, unable to do anything. But where was I getting? Nowhere!

This story doesn't have an end today, but for right now, just know that decisions are on the table. Pain is still here. Life goes on. And I found joy in knowing that my OTHER abilities and gifts are still worth sharing, and I don't have to be the perfect housekeeper to still be a great Mom, Wife and Friend. I have a purpose.

I'm happy and you know it! (Mostly I'm happy that I can still type without difficulties)
*insert cheesy grin here*

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday Psalm 31:24

The purpose of Word Filled Wednesday is to share the WORD through a photo and a verse. Being strong isn't always easy - especially if you have some sort of sickness or hurt feelings or injury (thinking of my insanely painful shoulder this morning!) But each day is SO much easier to get through, because I put my trust in the LORD! HE will take care of me, HE will not give me more than I can handle, and HE shows his glorious power every day! My hope is in Him.

Have a beautiful day.
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me! Monday - with a minute to spare

Oh this has been a week full of Not Me's!!

It was NOT ME that got all upset about the kids not doing their chores the night before, so I did NOT make them do their chores before school which caused them to miss the bus.

It was NOT ME that made the kids wait for the school bus in the rain (even though I knew the bus had already passed by a few minutes earlier) just to prove a point.

It also was NOT ME that took a shower and got all ready to go for the day before I went outside to drive them to school (which caused them ALL to have a tardy) just to prove they can't leave their chores behind for days on end because it obviously causes chaos and a trickle down effect among everyone in our household and makes their mother go insane.

I am NOT insane. I promise.

What about you? What did you NOT do lately?

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Death to Frosty

Today was the day my husband got busy. Now don't go there, that's not what I meant at all. Today was the day he finally got up off his rumpkus to tackle the rat that has decided to move into our house, and take up occupancy somewhere between the laundry room and upstairs. I heard him chewing on something in the walls yesterday *shudder* that was the last straw.

Have you seen the movie Ratatouille? Remember this guy?

Ratatouille_img7 Pictures, Images and Photos

Yeah, that guy is me. Only with less lip hair and slightly less bulgy eyes.

The other major difference is that this rat isn't making soup, he's making poop. And lots of it, judging by the way my shop vac is groaning after cleaning up all the places he's taken up temporary residence and left evidence. (I'm seriously not trying to do the pathetic poetic... on purpose.)

Mr Nice Guy also decided to go take a look at our freezer. It's stored in the laundry room, and just recently I noticed that the popsicles were a bit mushy. Our freezer was gasping for air. JUST what a family of six needs, a dying freezer full of food! He spent most of his day unpacking the drippy freezer, which included several meat items that needed cooked TODAY. At one point, he took me to the kitchen sink and showed me several items he had placed there, including the chicken we were going to have for dinner, the somewhat frozen tater tots (I didn't even remember we had any!) that must be used promptly as a side dish, and the semi-frozen veggies that should make a good accompaniment.

I kept my sense humor. This was one of a handful of times my husband had dinner planned before lunchtime after all! I was thrilled! I went about my busy day and came home. He had found the cause of our freezer problems... the cord was chewed through. *shudder again* He had emptied the entire freezer and moved it outside to give it a thorough cleaning, and had already replaced the chewed up cord with a shiny new one.

The kids didn't groan about dinner, they were just glad Dad was making something. Mom had obviously lost her will to live after vacuuming up the entire laundry room and all the... oh... *shudder* I can't even begin to describe it. The rat riddance devices were in place and life was good.

The kids brought me a plate, complete with dipping sauces, and I gleefully ate my dinner. Then, just to be a silly pain in the rear to my dear husband, I asked, "So Honey, where's dessert?!"

Clearly, I have met my match in the "silly-pain-in-the-rear" department when my 12 year old quickly piped up..."There's ice cream in the sink!"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Friends and Family Plan

Many years ago, I was a lost, hopeless girl sinking in a sea of depression and dispair. I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and put on anti-depressants so my children would grow up with a Mother. It's a long story, but the good news is that I don't struggle with that anymore like I used to, and I no longer have the need to be constantly medicated. I am keenly familiar with the scars that depression has left on my life and out of that, I am more in touch with people who live with it on a daily basis. I am grateful for those life lessons now, even though it hurt immensely at the time.

More recently, I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder. As much as I try to ignore this label, it still manages to creep back in from time to time because Oregon has famously bleak weather in the fall and winter months. Currently the weather is YUCK, but I have checked in with my "depresso-guage" (another title for Mr Nice Guy) and apparently I have had the all clear ever since the skies started turning grey. I don't enjoy this kind of weather, but it hasn't got me down yet like it has in the past. I'm very grateful for that! Truthfully, I can't believe it's taken me nine years to figure out that if I just asked my husband - he would tell me whether I was going through some depression or not! He knows without a doubt if I'm just having a hormonal mood swing or a day of deep thought or if I've tripped and fallen into that deep dark hole again. For now, I'm in deep thought. And evidently I'm not the only one.

As my husband and I stood outside in the dark night last night, we watched in complete silence as the shadowy clouds rolled by in the night sky. It made me think of what our lives are like at this moment. We are in the dark on a lot of things, not sure what is coming because we can't see it, and quite frankly we haven't made sense of where we've just been either. It's not clear yet.

Occasionally we see glimpses of light behind the darkness, little sparkles of hope and glimmers of encouragement, but the path is not obvious. I feel often like I'm groping my way around in the murkiness of life, while holding on to His hand with the other. We both know we're going somewhere, and that we're moving forward where we should be going, we have no doubts about that, but we don't know how we got there or what we stepped in along the way. The amazing part, is that we are not alone. We are being led through the dark, and I have no doubt that this time in our lives will prove to be a glorious example to us both someday of how we put complete trust in God and allowed Him to shape us and lead us.

At one time, I would have been completely afraid of a season in my life such as this. It would have caused anxiety and panic, I would have needed medication or therapy because I couldn't find my way MYSELF. I would have stomped my foot and demanded that someone turn on a floodlight because I wanted to take the path like a big girl. I wanted to know where I was going and I wanted to know NOW. I did not want to trust in God to provide my needs and make me a stronger person, I am an independent woman after all and patience wasn't in my vocabulary! Isn't it up to me to meet my needs? That's what society has told us all for years. Doing what makes YOU happy often has serious and eternal consequences. Doing what makes God happy is what brings you to eternal life.

I am so full of joy right now to know that God is in control. When I turn everything over to Him, and follow Him as he asks of me, I find blessings abundantly! I slip from time to time, and even more when the path isn't very clear, but I thank God every day for my husband, my family and especially my friends who give me that gentle correction to stay the course when I stray.

God blessed me a long time ago with people in my life who practice the words in Leviticus 19, "Don't just stand by when your neighbors life is in danger," and "Don't hold anything against your neighbor, if you have something against him, get it out in the open; otherwise you are an accomplice in his guilt." Yikes! It takes a genuine friend to tell me where I'm wrong in keeping with God's word.

I have made it important to be that kind of friend to others because I know how valuable it was to me. It was live-saving! God was very specific to my friends when he told them...

"Be on your guard! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him"
Luke 17:3

It takes some people many years to realize that God is not asking others to judge us. God will judge us in the end. This is God asking us to correct others, because if we don't, then WE are sinning as well! Then, God simply asks us to leave the rest up to him and if I should repent after you've corrected me, then he wants you to forgive me. My friends and my family do this for me, and I appreciate them deeply for that.

There have been many people involved in keeping my path straight. It's not just the work of one, or two - but of many. There were times when I was living like I shouldn't be. I knew it, and I felt guilty for it. I didn't attend church because I feared an imaginary judgement. It made me sick because my own self-inflicted guilt was tearing me to bits just like Satan wanted. He was winning. It made me unhealthy both spiritually and physically. I was not receiving God's blessings at this point because I had turned against Him intentionally. My whole household was cursed because of poor decisions and intentional sin.

It wasn't until the people in my life, who were brought INTO my life by God himself, spoke to me and helped me open my eyes to Truth. Most of them don't even know the role they played in, but I do and God does. I am so grateful for each and every one of those people. You have convicted me to do what is right when I wanted to do what was easy or pleasureable. You have reminded me that our time on earth is short, but eternity is forever. You have taught me that life isn't all about MY desires and MY wants, it's about what God has in mind for me.

Until the day comes that I can post a new blog telling you all about where this path has taken us, just keep praying that our family will stay strong, stay huddled together, and keep each other in check in a loving, God-honoring way. In the meanwhile, I'm going to continue to enjoy my first NON-depressed season in eons, and spend more time dancing in the rain because I never know what tomorrow will bring.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday Proverbs 12:25

The purpose of Word Filled Wednesday is to share the WORD through a photo and a verse.

I don't really think I need to add any thoughts to this! Just know that if you've said a kind word to me in the last couple weeks, it has really cheered up my anxious heart. Thank you!!

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Not Me! Monday - a day late

If the originator of Not Me! Monday can post a day late, then so can I. Granted she just had a baby, I mean JUST had a MIRACLE baby, but still... my reasons are valid too. I'm just not going to share them. This is my first attempt at this fun bloggy carnival - it's just my kinda sarcastic style and I can't resist. (You can thank Heidi for her influence, her Not Me! Monday posts are hilarious)

1. I did NOT eat halloween candy for breakfast. That would be unhealthy, and give me crazy bursts of energy followed by episodes of near paralysis.

2. I didn't forget to go out to check on the animals this morning. That would be awful of me.

3. I also did not neglect to bring in the mail simply because it was pouring down rain. And, it was NOT ME that asked one of my kids to do it when they got home, even though it was still raining buckets.

4. I did not ask my daughter to make school lunches the last two mornings. It was not me that was feeling extremely lazy and wanting to read a book instead.

5. It absolutely was not me that took a picture of my daughter laying on an exam table at the doctors office because I thought it was funny that her immunization made her feel like she was "being punched repeatedly in the arm" and she felt sort of sick and her eyes were crossing. I also did not make funny jokes at her expense and get the nurses in the hallway laughing too. Only bad mothers do that.

Please, I beg of you, join in with me! (Which is code word for: I feel like an idiot, make me look better!!)

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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Longest Day Ever

It started the night before with this.
I have now removed myself from "Chief Pumpkin Cleaner-Outer and Carver" for the rest of my days. My daughter does a much better job, and get this... she ENJOYS it.

I'm glad I fired myself. I hate cleaning out pumpkins. It reminds me of baby diapers and I'm just not far enough into post-diaper days yet.

Then, since my newly elected Chief Pumpkin Cleaner-Outer and Carver is in middle school now (MUCH too good for costumes!) I only got a picture of the younger three.

I've also fired myself from the position of costume designer. I'm not too disappointed about that either. My older son knew he was going to be a Pirate last year. He's been collecting stuff just for the occasion, and did NOT need my help. Except he did ask me to sew the lace onto his jacket sleeves for a more authentic look. (The boy wants LACE?) And the ostrich feather in the real pirate hat was a requirement, because the dirty chicken feather I found out in the yard "just looked lame Mom". I could have told him that his blue jeans weren't very authentic, but I refrained. You don't mess with an 8 year old's sense of style.
Princess D - who also chose in three minutes flat to go for the day as a pirate GIRL only needed a smidge of help. And that was applying the facial bronzer so she could have the dirty face look she was going for. The entire costume? Her own creation from 2 minutes of rummaging through clothes that I've never even seen before. We can also appreciate the lace valance "apron" that I got at a garage sale for a buck - I hope she gives it back, I have a matching set.

Our lil' Deputy got his get-up together himself too. His vest and duster were from a genuine Halloween Costume shop, but the badge was from an actual deputy, the shirt and jeans were from his own closet and the hat? A donation from the grandparents dress up box that he lifted the last time we visited. Sorry Mom & Dad, my son obviously needs to be incarcerated. He's a dirty cop.
After three days of recuperating from the candy coma, I can honestly say I'm looking forward to another October. I'll be getting more pumpkins next time!