Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ok, so maybe my blog isn't smart after all

Apparently, although my blog might be somewhat intelligent, my ability to type the correct NAME is still in pre-school. I had to change the name from "someone who shall remain nameless" (although it was the "cute" and "crushes" that threw me. Honest!) to Amydeanne after a HUMILIATING EPISODE of woops-I'm-a-complete-idiot-and-typed-the-wrong-persons-name-in-the-blank. Gosh, I'm sorry - and now you know the real me.

And a side note to the person with the good humor that I just picked on (see post below) - I happen to really enjoy all your cute crushes. The puppies, the babies - you can't keep me away!

I feel like giving myself my own award today out of utter embarassment - so far the only one who's ever had the pleasure of receiving it is Miriam, (back when she lied about her alcoholism) and she wears it proudly (just kidding about the alcoholism part) - but today I'm picking up my ego, throwing it out the window and donning this nice bucket of dirt.

Go ahead, laugh all you want!! I'm an idiot and I'm proud of it!
But not really.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My blog is smarter than your blog

Well, so says THIS little test...

blog readability test

My fun friend AMYDEANNE, over at The 160 Acre Woods has embarassingly unashamedly admitted that her blog is fit for 4th graders. She tried to blame it on all the pictures and the "simple" language, but I gotta say it's because most of the content is about who she's got a crush on and who she thinks is cute. Tell me that isn't something my youngest daughter would be interested in?? Ok, between you and me (so that means don't tell anyone) I totally dig her blog. I read it all the time. And just because my blog is meant for the more educated type, it doesn't mean that my emotional maturity is all that high! It also doesn't mean that 4th or 5th graders can't enjoy it here too, because my daughter checks my blog out all the time. I don't even ask her to, I promise! It doesn't even count towards her 5th Grade reading list (although it should - it is, after all, UP there in high school levels!)

Anyway, just for fun - how smart is YOUR blog?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday Psalm 128:2

The purpose of Word Filled Wednesday is to share the WORD through a photo and a verse.

Our family feels like we're eating the fruits of our labor lately. Our garden grew by leaps and bounds and we have potatoes, corn, carrots and cucumbers by the bucketload! This has allowed us to put away food for the winter. This is the first time I've ever gone through the whole process from beginning to end, and I'm telling you - it's such a HUGE blessing to us! Now when God speaks about "fruits of our labor" He isn't speaking specifically of carefully tended strawberry beds, He's speaking of many things we labor for. The work we do in our churches, with our small groups, in our mission opportunities, how we raise our children - He promises to bless and prosper the work we do! I am SO looking forward to the fruits of my labor! It makes all these years of "weeding" so worthwhile!

Happy Word Filled Wednesday!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

What was I THINKING?

So, over the last few months, Mr Nice Guy and I have slowly begun the process of paring down some of our commitments and responsibilities. It has been such a refreshing feeling to know that we can take a breather from stuff, but still be involved in what we choose from the sidelines. Now, I wouldn't diagnose our condition as "burnout", but I'd say that if we kept up the pace with what we were doing, we would find that condition affecting us rather soon.

The church we attend is a half hour drive from our home. In the former community that we lived in. We packed up everything and left, but we could not leave our church family. It was the first real church family we've known in our marriage and we were hooked! And they... I might add, were hooked on us. So, when we moved, the decision was made to stay with our church for a couple years and then slowly progress towards finding a church in our own community. With our own people. Our own kind, if you will. Ok, that's just baloney, but you get the drift.

Well our "own people" population has grown to include even more relationships back in the OLD town, and not so many in the NEW town. I try, I do... but I am not doing such a great job at it because all my time and energy is spent in the OLD town while all the nice people here in my NEW town never see much of me.

This is the life we lived: (I say lived, because some of it has changed since this past spring)

Monday: Monthly trip into old town for girls night with my girlfriends
Tuesday: Kids Tae Kwon Do lessons in neighboring town, but not as far as old town
Wednesday: Drive to old town to lead a small group at 6:30, get home around 11 pm
Thursday: Drive to old town to participate in worship team practice by 7 get home after 10 pm, all this after TKD lessons in neighboring town too.
Friday: Do whatever I dang well please but it usually involved getting homework and housework done in a hurry so we could have a date night and the weekend to work on other stuff outside
Saturday: Work like heck at home and sometimes take a trip into old town to get shopping done. Big things like Costco, the Farm store or the big home & garden store are all there.
Sunday: Drive to old town to be at worship team practice by 8 am, leave the building by 1 pm. Drive back to church at 4 pm for youth group and drive back again to pick up my youth at 6:30 or 7 pm. Drive home in a sleepy state of mind and pray that I enjoy taking Monday off. Yeah right. The house had a bomb go off over the weekend. Like clockwork.

Wait, did I mention that Mr Nice Guy WORKS in old town too? He's already driving there five days a week. And did I mention that we own a Suburban. Yes, I am still afraid to do the math on that one.

Now - some people thought we were crazy to do all that driving for "just a church", but others felt that what we were doing was sacrificial and quite honorable. I'm not sure what to call it, but we've just taken to giggling over the fact that we are secretly "missionaries to another town".

This past year, we had The Talk. The one that happens when a couple is all alone driving in the car and it's easy to have a conversation without stale french fries hitting you in the back of the ear. Or old milk cartons. Or worries about eavesdropping by pre-teens.

Somehow, the topic came up about our church. About our kids. About us. We both realized at the same time, that something was moving both of us to change something in our lives. It's that kind of realization that comes over you when you see someone you haven't seen in 3 years while you're on vacation half a continent away and you both say, "Hey, what are YOU doing here? Isn't this cool that we're at the same place? What a HUGE coincidence?" Well, that's kinda how it went down. Only in this instance it was our feelings, not our location. And it was no coincidence.

We determined that while we loved, adored, admired and really truly ENJOYED our home church, we were being called to do something different. We felt a tug to get more involved in our own community, yet not quite sure what it entailed. Ok then, so we pray and we listen. We listen. Hello? We're listening! OVER HERE!! *tap tap tap* Yeah - you know what I'm saying. We waited, and we talked, and we came up with priorities. Number one in our family after God, is our marriage. Number two, our family. Number three, our church and the relationships with our friends. Well that made things easier. So we went down the list and UNCHECKED the stuff that was causing numbers 1, 2 and 3 to get muddied up in the water.

Just so you know, our marriage had been doing pretty well. Had? I mean it has. Yeah, that's right. We LED the small group for only married couples studying only marital issues. It was great. Before that, we taught a blended families class. (It was great too, I highly recommend it.) So, since our marriage was going well with the new tools we had learned, we decided to press the issue of turning our small group over to another couple of very capable people. They said yes. We were delighted. We did NOT, however give up Date Night. See priority number 1.

Then, I asked a daughter of a friend to invite my daughter to the community youth group here in town. She said yes. And, matter of fact, so did my daughter. Wow, we got to come straight home after church two Sundays in a row this month! My daughter really enjoyed the youth group here in town, and better yet - she rode her bike. She now has a few people she can connect with at school that she can trust, and our family is mentally and physically better because of it. See priority number 2. Fantastic!

Breaking the news to the Worship Team didn't go so well though. They weren't expecting it, and there was some confusion about why we'd WANT to leave the group. It is still hard to explain that we do not WANT to leave the group, but there are other things that are pressing on our hearts and we know that we'd better listen. We have no specific plans to vacate that role or our church any time really soon, at least not until our new Associate Minister gets hired. Part of his job will be leading worship - it feels great to know that we're moving forward.

Our responsibility as Sound & Media Ministry leaders is still in place too. Matter of fact I am kind of excited to get to spend more time focusing on that and getting the team stronger before we turn it over to someone whose name we do not know. Mostly that means I have no idea who, but God will provide, right? I just put together a schedule clear through December and told God I'd be fine if it was the last one I got to do.

Mr Nice Guy's job as a Deacon in our church doesn't include many extra commitments since he is already so involved, so we've left that alone for now. My how our plates are getting lighter!

I should also point out that the kids haven't been to Tae Kwon Do since some time in June. Look at all the money I've saved in fuel alone! Look at all the time we've got to spend together!

In the meanwhile... I'd like you to take a look at this list of "replacements" and see if I'm completely mentally insane, or if I just can't handle having rest time...

I signed up my eldest for Volleyball. I'm already a line judge for the next few games, and I'm feeling an intense craving to get more involved. I love volleyball! (And, she rides her bike to practices, and we're spending time together!) (And, she scored the winning points in BOTH of her games so far. Mind you, this girl has never played before)

I attended my first parent club meeting since living in our new town. They tried to set me up as Vice Prez after I made some comments about budgeting, but I hastily declined. I told them after I get my spiffy new Vice President glasses I'd think about it. In the meanwhile, I did sign up to publish books this year and work the book fair during two open houses at two different schools. *smacks forehead* If I don't meet more people in my community after all that, then it's my own dadgum fault.

I'm a kindergarten play dough maker now

I agreed to help in the 3rd grade class once a week (or "so", whatever that is)

But the doozy or is it doozie? Maybe it's doozey. The whopper, is something that my husband actually is taking the lead on. Ever since we attended Nightstrike in Portland almost three weeks ago, he's had a VERY HUUUUGE desire to do something about living out his faith. Not just talking about it. I know I didn't post about Nightstrike, but it's because it was so big to us that I didn't know how to put it into words. Let's just keep it simple... and say it was AMAZING. I never knew that being in the company of homeless people could be so satisfying.

From their website:

Washing feet, cutting hair, hair washing, clothing distribution, great food, great dialogue, and a whole lot more happen under the Burnside Bridge in the downtown part of Portland every Friday night. This incarnational approach to reaching some of Portland's neediest people seeks to build bridges of love and encouragement. People ask why we do what we do and our answer to them is simple: "We are just loving on Portland the way we think Christ would have if He were here in person with us today." That is what we attempt to do each week at Night Strike.

We have, in the last four days, managed to get a meeting with our pastor, get his approval for us to MOVE on this thing we feel moved about, and organized a large group to go back to Portland in only 2 weeks to do our mini-mission trip all over again. Only this time with more STUFF. We've got plans for a sock drive, a load of blankets and sleeping bags, toiletries, financial donations and I also know we're taking a bucket of Peggy's Famous Cookies with us (sorry, no website, she's all ours!). Mr Nice Guy's idea is to see ALL the small groups in our church get involved in some way - whatever works for them - to allow our church as a WHOLE to participate in taking care of the least of these. I can't speak for my husband, but I think that being prompted to let go of some very well-meaning ministries, was truly paving the way for something better. Something bigger.

I know what I was thinking when I jumped in with both feet. I was thinking that I LOVE my life, and I enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, having deep faith and LIVING IT!

Sidenote: If you are at ALL interested in attending with us - or if God has pressed something on your heart to participate in some way, please contact me. I'd love to talk to you and give you ideas on how you can participate. YOU will be blessed because of it! I know I sure have been! WE NEED SOCKS!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday Acts 18:9-10

The purpose of Word Filled Wednesday is to share the WORD through a photo and a verse.
Acts 18:9-10
One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision and told him, "Don't be afraid! Speak out! Don't be silent! For I am with you, and no one will attack and harm you, for many people in this city belong to me."

Receiving guidance and direction from the Lord is coming straight into Paul's slumber. Could you imagine being encouraged while you sleep? What would you think when you woke up? Would you think you'd been "dreaming" and brush it off as just fleeting thoughts? Or will you get up, prayerfully consider the message you've received, and then proceed with new excitement and be ready to take on the world? God gives us his loving guidance ALL THE TIME. It's what we do with it that matters. Don't be afraid to share what you've heard! God is WITH YOU!

Happy Word Filled Wednesday!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Post in which she Cracks

Hear ye, hear ye - for I am about to speak words of all seriousness and it may cause some sense of mayhem in the coop. Or should I say COUP! I know what you've been up to. You can't hide it from me any longer!

Some months ago, say, in JULY, I was presented with this little batch of surprises.

I did not request that you go forth and hide your business from me. For I am the keeper of the hutch... er... coop! Yea, but ye went forth and hid from me anyway. Hid from me eight fertile eggs, in which brought forth eight red-bellied piranhas! They are eating me out of house and home. Then, two of you went and got yourself chewed on by the WORLDS NAUGHTIEST DOG and now you are no more. I have five, count them FIVE piranhas roosters and one little pullet left. I shall no longer yell at your mother, for she is gone as well. Rest in peace, you fertile beast. See what happens when you hide things from your master?

Then, thinking I was only one pullet(another word for a young hen that isn't doing anything to pay for her keep yet) ahead of the game, I went and took up my Mother's offer to hatch some chicks in order to keep the egg-laying population alive and well and to keep my neighbors annoyed. (Not really, for they have hundreds of birds and they are not pretty like mine).

Here is proof.
See how this hen, even now, runs away in shame? She was hired to do her job, but still, can't look me in the eye. Now hear me, this is enough I say! Enough chicks for now, as we have plenty. The seven new chicks, barely 2 weeks old, will ALL be hens I am sure (for I prayed diligently) and this farmette, is complete.

Until Sunday. On Sunday we arrived home from our place of worship, expecting another peaceful afternoon doing farm type business and lo! Here is what awaited our arrival!
THIS hen, unable to hide her guilt any longer, came forth to beg for forgiveness.

GUILTY! For what we found alarmed and disappointed us.

She couldn't hide these ugly babies any longer, and it became clear to all generations that she was unfit to care for them. What kind of mother sits on her children?

And worse, who puts their children in a food dish? Was this delectable dish of chicken nuggets prepared for our cats? Or perhaps our dog? This small offering wouldn't even begin to suffice for there is no sauce!

As we all know, hens who do dishonorable deeds become highly offended by human contact. It is as if they know they have done wrong and they begin to attack those who are innocent. Such as evident in this photo. See how my precious daughter places her hand near the aggressive bird? Watch as she gets part of her hand torn off.

Well, usually hens do that. I suppose in this case, the hen does nothing but act interested because she is planning to give her ugly young up for adoption. I can not explain why this hen has mental issues and stays calm when people touch her and her filthy offspring of disgust.

See what I mean? This illigitimate spawn is nothing but horrifying to gaze upon.

Oh help us all! It is casting a spell! Don't look into the eyes!

Hark, for I feel a mysterious feeling coming over me!
Someone help me! I am completely powerless!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday James 1:17

The purpose of Word Filled Wednesday is to share the WORD through scripture and a photo.
May you be blessed for stopping by today!

In context:

James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

It is God who gives us his perfect gifts: the gift of birth, the gift of life, the gift of wisdom without finding fault, it is HE who moves us to holiness. This is not a chore, but a JOY! God's grace has made this all possible. He is constant, He is forever. I delight in the fact that nothing I have is mine, but was His gift to me, and is now only mine to share with others. This sunflower is one of the gifts God has given me recently - and it makes me smile. How could I NOT share it's perfect beauty with you today?

Happy Word Filled Wednesday!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bountiful Harvest

So this was our first year attempting to grow a garden. I have learned several things. First, we have a knack for growing very happy cucumbers.

The cucumber varieties I chose happen to just LOVE living here. Good thing I love eating them!

Another thing I learned, is that weeds grow fast when you're on vacation. See below.

Now a great deal of that green mess is a jungle of tomato plants, backed by a wall of corn but still... I think I could have done better in the weeding department if I'd just stay home once in awhile.

I learned that we need to do something different with the corn next time. It is so small. It was dadgum GOOD though, so who cares. It still has awhile to grow too, so we're giving it another week.

Notice the tiny cantaloupe in my daughter's hand? That was a casualty of Mr Nice Guy weeding the heck out of the melon patch only to fling a baby cantaloupe off into the weeds. Woops!

Speaking of Mr Nice Guy. He is mighty proud of his apples this year - and they are SO tasty!

You can't see the juice running down his chin... but believe me, it was there!
I've already done one batch of applesauce with these Gravensteins, which, I might add, was proclaimed, "The best applesauce in the entire world!" by my oldest child. That - my friends, is success!

I've got another batch of applesauce to do tonight if I get to it, and I need to do something with these pears! These pears... are now all in boxes in a cool room. Waiting... ripening...

And waiting...

For me to do something with them. Or for someone to show me how to can them.

I have jars! I have canner! I no have smarts!

I learned that bees LOVE sunflowers! We have lots of blossoms in our garden, and thousands of bees come to visit every day. It's a wonder none of them have given me a little warning to buzz off... I walk right through them and can feel their wings on my bare legs as I walk through the garden. I am nice to them, so I suppose they are nice to me!

I have learned another thing. Do not pick your watermelon just because Princess D can't stand to wait any longer! This was the first melon we picked, and although it tasted like a watermelon, it didn't look like one on the inside. It was a pretty pale pink, with coordinating white seeds. Cute, but not quite right!
Here's a look at the cleaned up mess of cukes. This was all from one day. The lemon cukes are good, but they sure are a whole lotta plant for a little bitty cucumber. My tomatoes are coming on VERY slowly. I got my first purple tomatoes today, and quite a few cherries.

Tonight Mr Nice Guy will dig a few more potatoes for me so I can make my own potato salad. Our own eggs, our own potatoes - how rewarding! I'm also going to attempt carrot cake with some of our little orange beauties. I'm excited... gardening is FUN!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

And the winners are...


Ok, me and six other people that Lea over from The Shabby Olde Potting Shed has so generously awarded with this cool award.

I am humbled. These kinds of things always come to me as a huge (and tickled pink) surprise. I'm not here for pats on the back, I'm only here to share of my life, of how God has touched me, and how my family is blessed with what we have. So... if you haven't stopped off at "The Shed" lately, you should run there RIGHT NOW. You will be blessed.

Lea's love for the Lord shines through in EVERYTHING she does. Thank you Lea!

Now, I am ordered (by official decree somewhere) to pass this along to seven other blogs. I'm choosing seven, some that are my first favorites, and some that are fairly new to me, but they all have one thing in common. They inspire me and I find them to be BRILLIANTE!

Farm Chick Paula from the Fraker Farm, your love for God shines through your blog! You keep me in stitches with your humorous writing and I am a little partial to people who like chickens.

Toni from 40 Something Crises is a great writer, with a fantastic family and an interesting knack for potty training with M&M's.

Melanie from The Fruits of the Spirit always has inspiring, beautiful things to say, and God is obviously the focus of her life.

I'm passing this on to Miriam of the Farm Suite and KL/Agent K from Katie's Calamities as well, because they are just dang good friends, good writers and servants of God. Inspiring? Without a doubt.

Mokihana's Garden is making the list this time because she's just a kick in the pants to read (if you don't mind hearing yourself reading like a Hawaiian speaks) and she likes chickens and God too, but not necessarily in that order.

Misty from Rainy Day in May is a hero of mine, with all her lists and goals and everything. I wanna be like that! Maybe if I stopped all this blogging, I could write a list. See, she gets two things done at once that way.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ok, so this wouldn't be a CHICKENBOCKER blog without the occasional post about chickens... and ONLY chickens.

My Mom offered a post up on her blog a month ago offering her "portable incubator" and I took her up on it. So, about 3 weeks ago yesterday, I put 14 eggs (I can think big!) under my dear Momma's broody ol' hen. I'm not sure what her name is, or if she even HAS a name (the hen, not my Momma!) but I've taken to calling her Ms. Flopsy. This is why...

Anyone wanna guess why I call her that?

So, Ms. Flopsy done good. She sat and she sat... through wind, rain, sleet and hail. Well, through warm weather and cool breezes anyway. She was a GOOD momma hen. Yesterday she was greeted with this:
These chicks talk... let's listen in...

Ta-da! We are tough little peepers! Too bad our Momma hen stepped on one of us, or there would be eight. And it's also too bad that one of our siblings died before it hatched - our Chickie Momma took pictures, but she didn't want to gross you out. So she didn't post them. But seven, seven is a nice number. Hey, who's that lady with the nice lookin' feathers?

Uh, guys, do you think that's our MOM?

I dunno, she doesn't look a thing like us.

Matter of fact WE don't look a thing like each other either!!

HUH? How do you suppose that happened? Somebody told us that the crazy Chickie Momma just went hog wild picking eggs out of the nests one day. She got some of each because she likes to be surprised. Well surprise, you got a little batch of rainbow chicks! Thanks for driving three hours round trip to come get us today - we can't wait to play at our new farm!


And oh, how in love we are. There is a light brahma, and for sure a black australorp and a couple EE's (which, if you were to EVER visit the forum you would know is short for Easter Egger - the kind of chicken that lays a beautiful green egg!) and there looks to be a couple polish crested showing up in the grey colored chicks. There IS a polish rooster out in the field you know - so what we end up with might be quite interesting!

How it REALLY went down

If you're looking for my Word Filled Wednesday post... it's downstairs. You know, below this post.

So... a few days back, I gave you a little glimpse into how I thought our first days of school would go. And here, is how it really went down.

First day of school:
I woke up only two of my kids, because for some reason only 50 percent of my heirs had to go to school that day. The other 50 percent slept in because I didn't want to be bothered with them getting in the way of the half that was actually trying to get somewhere.

They woke up to the smell of my own new recipe. It was a knock off from The Pioneer Woman's "Mystery Rolls" (more about some of her recipes I've tried later) but basically I subbed out everything savory and added everything sweet - thank you to Pampered Chef's Sweet Caramel Sprinkle . Either way you make it, your family members will each gain five pounds, but they will love you for it anyway. Really, it's a sinful food, but God made all the ingredients, so I'm thinking he meant for us to eat food this good. Plus, it's super easy and quick so I could do it while I was half asleep. We'd had a FANTABULOUS time at Family Camp the weekend before, and with my sleep debt increasinly growing, I needed easy!

Along with the delightfully sweet Mystery Rolls, I provided milk. Too bad only half of my awake kids even liked milk. I should have made a trip to the store for juice or something. I did give them some fruit, and I offered to cook eggs or bacon but they just gave me that blank stare that meant I was venturing out there just a little too far for a school day.

After breakfast, they got dressed into the clothes they'd laid out the night before. Unfortunately, I neglected to actually CHECK and see what my daughter had laid out, because she came downstairs in a t-shirt that she was really proud of but her mother was not. It was the sentimental "last day of school" shirt from fourth grade that all the kids had signed in black permanent marker. She thought it might be cool to wear the same shirt to school two days in a row or something, and in my home that's not allowed. Goodness, what would the Parent Club have to say at their next meeting? What if they thought my kids needed clothes or something? What if it hadn't even got WASHED yet?!?! No - march right back upstairs young lady, and put on something that I PAID for. I paid good money for those cutesy wootsy new tops, and by golly you're gonna wear one and I don't care if you hate them. You didn't hate them when you were begging me to put them in my shopping cart now didja? Matter of fact if you hate them, I might as well take them all back, and put the money in your college fund. If your college fund even existed, it would probably pay for your first full week! Arguments are futile at my house because I simply make no sense.

So, only one more additional trip upstairs for a wardrobe change and she was good to go. She was mad, but that doesn't matter. It's all about what other parents think you are like that matters. She is young, I just can't expect her to understand.

In the meanwhile, teeth were brushed, hair was spritzed and combed down (because last night's bath did a number on Pirate Boy's growing hair.) (Did you know that Pirate Boy is refusing hair cuts because he's pretty sure he'll look dang good with pirate HAIR?) (Did you know I'm letting him enjoy his individuality?) Anyway, it's all coming off soon. I'm just not sure how soon. Maybe once the Parent Club calls to see if we need a scholarship to the barber shop.

I packed the kids' lunches, with somewhat healthy food, but since I refused to buy new lunch boxes (or in our case bags) one kid ended up taking his lunch in a plastic Cabella's shopping bag because we couldn't find last years lunch supplies and he wasn't enthused with using his sister's pink one.

I did manage to get the kids into their new hoodies (because it was cold out!) before we stumbled out the door. We didn't make the bus, because that time had long come and gone but that's ok, I had planned to drive them anyway. (Just play along here) Unfortunately, I spent all my time taking care of others, and therefore was not presentable as a "mother who walks her kid to their class" so my kids were a bit bummed that I was only going to drop them off at the door and make a hasty exit. Kisses, hugs, I love you and have a great day at school! Hopefully nobody would notice me in my medusa hair and secret spy glasses.

When I got home, I did some exercise. Or rather, I walked to the end of the driveway to retrieve the garbage can. Just then, the school bus came around the corner, lights flashing and she prepared to stop. As I waved her on (goodness sakes, the kids were IN class and the tardy bell rang already!) she waved back, and fourteen high school students got to see me at my finest. It was probably like a slow motion horror show for them, but hey - I'm keeping it real.

I went straight back in the house (before anyone else stopped by), walked right past my excercise bike and crawled back in bed. Happy First Day of School! But wait...

My kids woke up to me hollering that they'd better hurry up and get ready or they're gonna miss the bus. They all meandered into the kitchen, where I attacked them for not getting their chores done the night before. My daughter proceeded to get the dishwasher unloaded and my son hid on the couch in the pile of clean laundry. Sometime later, they were all dressed in presentable clothing. I realized now that they DO care what the other kids think about them, so they are making an effort to look and smell clean. Not sure if they brushed their teeth or not, but who cares, they can do it tonight. I did comb Pirate Boy's hair, because it was looking pretty freakish and I didn't want people to tease him.

There were actually socks in everyone's drawers. How they got there I'll never know, but that helped speed things along a bit. I only had one taker for a packed lunch, so I got busy and here is what he went to school with:
In a nice shiny new lunch bag, he got a turkey and cheese sandwich. Crusts attached. I'm like that. A few crinkle cut slices of cucumber, some leftover steamed carrots from last night (right out of the garden, yes ma'am!) with a sprinkle of brown sugar on top so he'll actually eat them. A black cherry yogurt and a little handful of wheat thins crackers. I sent him out the door to the bus with a granola bar for breakfast. Poor little tyke spent too much time hiding in the laundry pile and missed his opportunity for chocolate covered sugar bombs and spilled juice. No wonder he's so thin.

I refused to let my daughters get out the door without doing their chores and they were a bit miffed at me. They gave me looks. They muttered things under their breath. I feigned a hearing impairment. Then, uncharacteristically, I told my younger daughter that I'd take her to school so she could just relax. She relaxed. She relaxed too much... I secretly wanted her to make it to the bus on time but there was no way this would happen. I kept watching for the bus, but it hadn't come yet, so eventually I sent my last slave-child out the door, happy I didn't have to drive because as we know, I'd been taking care of everyone else again and Medusa was alive and well.

Some 10 minutes later, a Pirate Boy came bounding into the house. *Sigh* MOMMMM, the bus is taking TOOO long! I grabbed my keys and my phone, put on my daughters clogs (HEY, she's always stealing my shoes!) and went out to start the suburban. My vehicle was suddenly overwhelmed with grateful children all urging me to HURRY. Gee, I thought, what a turn of events.

I dropped off the frantic middle schooler (but not after rolling down the window and hollering out in front of the 20 kids outside the school, "We LOVE you Sister!! Have a beautiful day!!) (Is it any surprise that she completely ignored me and just kept walking straight for the door?), then off to the elementary school where there was a traffic jam, and then back home. It doesn't take long, but with the price of fuel, I'd rather let the bus stop in front of my house than drive my beast of a car around town. I got home, parked the car and like clockwork the school bus came around the corner, slowed down in front of our house and 14 high school kids gaped, open-mouthed, at the sight they beheld. For today, I was in bright blue workout pants, a hot pink t-shirt, medusa hair AND no bra. This, my friends, was the highlight of my week.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday Numbers 6:24-26

The purpose of Word Filled Wednesday is to share the WORD through photo and a verse.

In context:
The Priestly Blessing

22 The LORD said to Moses, 23 "Tell Aaron and his sons, 'This is how you are to bless the Israelites. Say to them:
24 " ' "The LORD bless you and keep you;
25 the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
26 the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace." '
27 "So they will put my name on the Israelites, and I will bless them."

The LORD has a way with words! In my life lately, the LORD has most definitely shined upon me. He has shown me things that I had never thought I would see before. He has been gracious to me, and patient with me. He has allowed me room to err, and gathered me back in his arms of forgiveness. He has turned towards me and given me peace. When things trouble my mind, when problems exist that I can't fix, he gives me that peace that I need to keep my head above the crashing waves of self-doubt, worry and anxiety. I am truly blessed.

Happy Word Filled Wednesday!

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