Friday, December 5, 2008

Why do they set themselves up?

Big Sister:
"Mom, I have a question for you. It's serious. If my sister and I both got arrested and were in jail, and you only had enough money to bail one of us out, who would you choose?"

Little sister and big sister stare me down.

"Well... "[very lengthy, dramatic pause while trying to appear worried]
"I would take the money and go on a vacation."

The girls:

Apparently that wasn't the answer they were expecting?

Warning to kids everywhere:
Do not mess with your Parents, they are not the stupid ones.


Melanie said...

LOL! Great answer you gave them!

Livy said...


That's funny.

If Sarah & I were arrested and put into jail, which one would you... oh never mind. =) LOL, I wouldn't want out! Some else cooks for me, my room is always clean, I get to sleep 8 hours a day, play time in the yard and if I'm good, TV time.

Yep, leave me in the slammer. =)

Katie said...

What a couple of dorks! And I mean that in the most loving way, of course :)

momof3darlings said...


Like when they ask who's my favorite: my favorite is whoever is being good at the time, and what would ELIMINATE both of you at the moment....good luck next time. LOL

Beth E. said...

Clever...veeeerrrry clever! I love your sense of humor. Hubby and I enjoy the quick wit in our family...not everyone gets it, though.

If you and I lived closer to each other, we would get into SO much trouble together! haha ;-)

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

I always LOVE your quit wit Alexis!
The girls have grown up so much just since I've started reading you! Ohmigosh! Better get a couple bricks on their heads ASAP!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Geez, when will these kiddoes ever learn to not ask such deep questions?

I would have asked them what they got put in jail for.... or not.