Friday, December 5, 2008

A Subpoena! How FUN!

I'm so excited!!

Ok, you know I'm not serious, don't you? Did you see my nostrils flare? Did that give me away?

If you've been following my blog for ANY length of time, say... about 2 months or so, you would have stumbled across this heartbreaking story of the terrible thing that happened and when you read it, you felt the effect that it had on our whole family and the community around us. We have been asked off and on since then how the girls are doing since then, and I can happily say FINE! But the USPS delivered three neatly printed subpoena's the other day, requiring my daughters (and my husband, don't ask me why) to appear before the Grand Jury within 2 weeks. NOW I know why I had put off the request for me to write the newspaper article - because the story wasn't FINISHED yet. (Thank you God, for helping me out there, I'm very much appreciative)

Ohhhh kayyyy... it's no big deal that the date is set for the same day we were going to be leaving to go on our "family" get away for the Christmas break. Our little excuse to go away from the stress and anxiety of trying to please too many people - and now we're really going to be looking forward to it, let me tell ya!

Don't think that I'm upset, because I'm not. Worried a tad bit, for my kids? Yep. Their response when they found out: WHAT? We were already getting OVER that! We don't want to have to remember it all!

Exactly my feelings, my dear ones. But we'll be ok. God is in charge here.


Melanie said...

Yep.. God IS in charge! I'll be praying for you all as this day approaches.

Livy said...

I'm sorry. It's not like you needed more on your plate huh?

I must confess, I'm not surprised, although I am a little surprised they are calling on Bryan, but perhaps he revealed some information to the officers at the time of the investigation that will need to be heard during the trial.

My prayers go out to your family, to the bikers family and to the truck driver and his family... may God cover (as I know he has all along), all of you involved in this event... (((Lex & Family)))

Beth E. said...

Oh, my...I just read your story! What a terrible experience for your girls! I will definitely be praying for them and your entire family.

I got to bring my hubby, Bill, home from the hospital today. I posted an update earlier today. It has all of the details. Thanks for your prayers!

PEACE to you and your family...