Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday What day is it?

Since it wasn't me that did any of this stuff, I see no reason to blog it... but I'm pretty bored and all, so here goes...

This past week, it was NOT me that went crazy like a mad-woman to get her house cleaned up just to go on vacation. It drives me nutso to think I'm coming home to a really messy place, so trust me, my kids do NOT think I need to be committed.

I also did NOT squeal out loud with excitement when I learned that the kids' Grand Jury appearance AND school had been cancelled which meant we got to leave early for our trip.

I most certainly didn't have SO many things left to do that we ended up leaving after school would have gotten out anyway *sigh*

I did NOT fall asleep while my husband was driving through a blizzard even though I knew he needed my eyes to assist him in seeing what was ahead of us. Heck, I was tired from all that packing!

At NO TIME did I thoroughly enjoy the fact that we were taking a rather lengthy trip to go enjoy a snow-filled Christmas vacation even though there was plenty of white stuff in our own back yard.

You did NOT see me stop at a snow covered rest area, attempt to stage what I thought was a really funny photo, only to end up flopping down in the snow with my camera when I misstepped. (It's hard to see what's under a foot of snow!)

I also did NOT do the same exact thing while taking a walk with my kids to the lodge. Of course I was guiding them carefully and the area between the sidewalk and the road had a ditch that you couldn't see in all that snow so of course I wouldn't have tried to step there. I'd look like a flailing idiot if I had!

One more thing I didn't do - I didn't get up early this morning and spend over an HOUR trying to get my daughter's new iPod functioning so she wouldn't think I was a lousy gift-buying parent trying to save a buck or two and passing of shoddy junk as gifts. What is that number to Apple anyway?? This super cool shiny new equipment is a pain in the rear, and mine is already bruised!

I also didn't forget that today was Monday because I've been gone from home and have absolutely NO clue what day it is until I look at other people's blogs. I'm probably going to miss Christmas if I don't be more careful!

For more public admissions of non-guilt, head on over to MckMama's place.


MegB said...

Great Not Me's!! Hopefully you will not fall into any more snow traps while on your vacation!! Merry Christmas.

momof3darlings said...

Well, to make you feel better...I thought the Ipod was tricky to get too!! I'm still trying to get it! Of course, our cord is lost now, so we can CHARGE it, but not load anything. Nice huh? LOL

I HAVE to come home to a clean house too! I just HAVE to!

and your word verification for this one was "fartly". I'm not kidding.

Beth E. said...

I'm with you...must leave a clean house when traveling! Hope your bruised rear gets better. lol

He And Me + 3 said...

Hope that the camera was ok when you fell. LOL Seriously, we have to break our own legs to save those expensive gadgets. :)
Have a blessed trip and Christmas!

Tracy said...

Nothing says Christmas like a bruised bottom! LOL! Hoping your camera made it out of that mishap ok! Looking forward to seeing some photos of your vacation. Merry CHRISTmas to you and your sweet family...praying for a safe and wonderful time together as a family.


Katie said...

Oh it wouldn't be you if you didn't fall down and bruise your butt....LOL!

Be safe!