Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday The Kids Did It

"I did not do it!" That's the theme at my house today (and every day, if you ask me). So, just for fun, and since I never do anything worthy of a Not Me mention (again, just ask me!) I am sharing with you all the things my kids did NOT do lately.

My 12 year old did NOT spend all week collecting laundry, only to place it on the FLOOR of the laundry room and then proceed to tell me that she did the laundry. Hello? It was all over the floor and not in our closets... what part of "Yes, I already did it" do you think I believed?

My 10 year old did NOT decide to pout about having to sit with me in church yesterday through TWO services. She wouldn't pout. NO siree she would not! After all, it was her choice not to participate in the children's choir and be a BIG girl. Big girls don't pout. (And neither do their mothers)

My 8 year old son was NOT overheard saying things like, "Come to my party or die!" I mean, good grief, that would be creepy. He also didn't practice kissing the air. What's with THAT?

My 5 year old has NOT ever been seen being a cow (or a "moo moo") in a childrens concert. He also didn't spend the whole time doing strange antics and attempting to pull the horns off his costume.

While we're the topic of people who didn't do things... my husband did NOT drag me outside at 1 a.m. this morning to put chickens away who were hiding out in our carport. He also did NOT get a kick out of me hauling straw around and tucking in the animals who were exposed to the snow. I would NEVER tuck a turkey in and say goodnight, or bundle up the bunnies in little straw forts.

Just to gross you out, I did NOT catch my daughters out in the field (where the CHICKENS live) having a snowball fight. After all, the chickens do NOT poop all over that area, and the snow would be perfectly clean for flinging! *gag*

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He And Me + 3 said...

Oh my...they aren't supposed to eat yellow snow either. LOL That was too funny. Your kids had a week didn't they?

Beth E. said...

You give a whole new meaning to the song, "Turkey in the Straw!" AND, regarding the chicken poop snow....ewwww! :-p lol

Katie said...

YACK! and Crikey!

HAY! I'm freezing here, man!

Amydeanne said...

hey.. my boy brayed like a donkey instead of baaed like the sheep he was dressed up as for the concert last year! so i understand no cows lol

momof3darlings said...

OMG you tucked them IN! OK, serious love moment for you right now....

Farm Chick Paula said...

Ahhhh, Christmas plays.... the ultimate source of humiliation for parents. tee hee
I am sooo glad I NEVER did anything humiliating in my life.