Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not Me! Monday I was hungry ok?

There's no required court appearance THIS week - so the following is all true, to the best of my um... thinking... and uh... abilities or whatever.

Being brutally honest, and living to tell about it

This is NOT my 151st post! It is not, I've only been on here a couple months... I'm sure of it.

It was NOT ME that let my husband talk me into getting that One Day Sale Only TV yesterday after I had told him no in front of three salespeople and made it all the way out to the car. I am a strong-willed woman, and he can't push anything over on me, oh no siree!

It wasn't me that snickered (silently, of course) and gave the clerk (who giggled that I'd been drug BACK into the store anyway!) a big thumbs up sign behind my husbands back after I found out they'd been sold out for hours - which caused her to burst out laughing and have to explain our little story to half the cashiers.

I wouldn't dream of skipping breakfast on a Sunday morning, and being so hungry, I did NOT actually sneak pieces of the muffin from my purse into my mouth during the sermon at church. That's just not right.

There's no WAY I would jump up and run out the door to pick up the girls from youth group to avoid making dinner. Nah, I'm a happy homemaker. Love to make dinner ... love it! Love to clean up too. Oh yeah. I'm going down in flames for this one.

For more public humiliation, head on over to MckMama's place.


momof3darlings said...

You ate MUFFIN during church?!?! Oh,'re surely going to hell now! BAHAHAHAHAA!!! And I've NEVER snuck my pepsi into church either and sucked on it all during church. We'd be HORRID people if we did that! hehehe

And I know this REALLY REALLY sweet incredible lady that does these AWESOME headers!! LOVE them!! I'm gonna blog about her, so maybe I'll send you the link to her. ;) She's TOTALLY adorable! And I'm NOT wondering if she can do a snappy zebra button to match my snappy zebra header after the holidays... ;)

heidi said...

Yo. What up thug? Psh.

Um, you ate a muffin during church? You are so not holy. Lord knows (since He's watchin' me and stuff) that I NEVER help my kids eat their snack at church.

Livy said...

You can snack in church?

I'm so going!!!! LOL =)

This was a funny one... I liked it much. =)

Your homeless blog was touching too Lexie Lou. =)

Katie said...

Har, har...Ya big snacker!

I have NEVER, ever, considered noshing on things I dug from my purse while in church...nope not me. Pfft!

Misty said...

darn it... i thought of a GREAT one last night, but now I can't remember.

Beth E. said...

I find nothing wrong with a little discreet snacking in church. hehe

Great Not Me's!

Thanks so much for praying for Bill. He's recuperating at home now. :o)

Miriam said...

So we used to attend this awesome church that has a coffee and muffin stand outside the sanctuary. Say what you will about the sanctity of the house of worship, I truly miss that.

Our current church thinks eating (or laughing out loud, for that matter) within three hours of church is wrong.

I am not a heathen for enjoying coffee in church. Am I?

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

I love these posts so much. And I see I'm behind on my reading over here! I'm off to read the homeless post... but needed to tell ya, you've been TAGGED.

Dee said...

OH I HATE it when I decide not to eat and then I'm starving later!