Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My family has issues

Here's the scene that we left behind in our own back yard...

Our family wanted to go somewhere with certain snow this year for Christmas. Well, that and we really wanted to avoid the whole tug-of-war around the "who gets to spend the holidays with us" thing. Since I'm a people pleaser, and would rather torture myself than make other people unhappy, it really stresses me out. I don't get along well with stress. My method of fixing things is to run away. So, since we are owners in this little timeshare thingie, we made reservations a year ago at Running Y Resort. It is our family Christmas present. The idea was to spend a week in solitude, forcing ourselves to spend family time together and be happy and remember the real meaning of Christmas.
So far, it's been good, but it has really shown me that our family has serious issues.

For example, we left a bunch of snow that was ALREADY AT OUR HOUSE, go to find more snow. Where's the sense in that??
Then, we were only a few miles into the surprisingly relaxing treacherous trip through the mountain pass, when my husband decided to give our Suburban a makeover.
Meet: The UNI-BURB!
Icicles aren't just for snacking on, it appears. They are also used for prodding the person ahead of you to go faster.

Then, my issues shone brightly when I attempted to plan an impromptu picnic. I found the perfect place!

But then, I tried to retrieve my icy cold drink *haha* and lookit what I did...

Yes, that there is evidence of my clumsiness.
Running Y is an absolutely GORGEOUS place in the winter. It's nestled near Klamath Lake outside the town of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Since it was pitch dark when we finally got here on Friday night (school had been cancelled, the kids' Grand Jury appearance got cancelled, but we STILL managed to arrive much later than anticipated - more evidence of "issues") we didn't get to see any of our surroundings until the next morning. That always gets me out of bed fast though, I want to SEE stuff!!
Here's what greeted me when I opened the door onto the balcony.

Does anyone else see that woman walking past? What the heck did she think she was doing at that hour - and with snowshoes on?? Well this is good, I have a nice warm place to sit and watch people doing strenuous things.
Our farm store back home had a 70% off sale. We bought redneck toys for real cheap. VERY entertaining for all of us.
Oh look, a buck in a trunk. I told the boys that if they didn't put their toys away before bedtime, they would come to life and run away. Apparently, this stuff really happens! Even I was surprised!

The boys believed me for a little bit, until they noticed that the rack on the little buck standing outside our window had a smaller rack than the toy they forgot to put away. What kind of children notice things like that?

The next day was a miserable one for Pirate Boy. He wasn't feeling so hot. The bad part, is he shared it with his little brother.

The icicles around here are really cool. Really, they are COOL. haha (Hey, I already told you I have issues, ok?)

I'm all set up. My cell phone doesn't work so well, but the computer works FINE!

We're stocked up with goodies and stuff to keep us warm.

Wow, someone did the dishes. That doesn't happen at my house!

Mmmm... blueberry scones. Something tells me that the snow isn't the only thing that ends up fluffy around these parts. Maybe me and my issues should take up snowshoeing. For now, we're going to just stick with making paper snowflakes.
More pictures to come, I promise!


He And Me + 3 said...

Wow, now that is some snow. I love the new look on the suburban. Funny!

Livy said...


That bench where you wanted lunch, THAT'S MY TABLE!!!! LOL =)

It looks lovely Lexie... and I love the pictures.

Oh and the woman walking in the back ground of that picture, I thought you were showing us big foot. LOL =)

Beth E. said...

You are too funny...hope your little ones don't share their illness with you! By the way, I think those redneck toys are really cool...I could totally get into playing with those! The snow is gorgeous. Send a little of it our way!

Merry Christmas!

Katie said...

*sigh* ya big snow hog! bring me back some will ya?!

Hey! Have fun and don't fall down again~k!

Jen (a.k.a. motor mouth) said...

Hey, found your blog, via the facebook thing. I just wanted to comment on how gorgeous your photography is!
We too, left the snow here, for more snow in sunriver the week after Christmas. Nuts!! Great minds think alike.
My blog is for invited readers only, (since I post pics of the kids, and am overly paranoid of pedophiles) send me a message on facebook with your email addy and I will add you to it. (if you are so inclined)