Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In the middle of things

Have a seat, won't you? *snicker*

Just a little update from frozen farm country.
Here's what I've been spending my time on (instead of blogging, like I should be!)
1. Thawing out frozen rabbit water bottles.

2. Buying new rabbit water bottles when the other ones shattered.

3. Shopping for snow pants in four different sizes for four different children.

4. Returning snow pants because a size 16 at one store is too BIG and a size 16 at the other store is way too small.
5. Finding little gifts to spread out over 12 days of Christmas for my kids. (A brand new tradition for us this year)

6. Doing the multiplication on 12 gifts x 4 kids.

7. Skipping the math and just buying stuff that they need anyway, but will be really happy to get... like, warm boot socks, long underwear and snow pants. They have been thrilled so far, I'm happy to say. I'm sure they'll enjoy the dollar store specials this coming week too.

8. Splurging on a bright red union suit for my 8 year old son because I think the drop down rear flap is just TOO much to pass up.

9. Scooting laundry through as fast as possible so we can pack the Suburban with stuff BEFORE Friday afternoon when we'd like to be leaving town. (And when we also have a Grand Jury appearance to make *sigh*)

10. Buying chains for the tires that are too big to fit the ones from the last Suburban (who's idea was THAT?)

11. Arranging details for a bunko party that was supposed to take place last night but it never happened because the roads were solid sheets of ice.

12. Playing with my new cell phone. It TOTALLY has unlimited web access so I can read all my comments and blog from the ends of the earth! (Just a taste of heaven, I believe)

13. Shopping for a new coffeemaker. You read earlier (somewhere or other) that my coffeemaker died. My backup coffeemaker got put to use, but the hot plate didn't work, so my Mother in law dropped off a new one for me as an early Christmas present. (She's a coffee addict, so she felt unusual amounts of sympathy for my plight). It was nice, but it had no timed brewing or auto shut off. Just the basics - it MADE coffee and kept it warm. But, realizing my family needed to be safe from my inability to unplug anything or turn it off, we returned it and bought a different one. Mr Nice Guy convinced me to buy the one that was cheapest, and since it was only half the price of the one I took back I convinced him to throw in a coffee grinder too. I am tricky like that. And now I have a coffee grinder, but no beans. hahaha!

14. Saying hush, quiet, calm down and WILL YOU PLEASE QUIT THAT! about 7,098 times per day. Snow days are nice, but they sure are noisy!

15. Realizing that I have very little time to ship Christmas presents so I'd better get on it. In a BIG hurry. Like... right now.

What are YOU busy doing? If you're not busy, maybe you could come over and have some burgers with us... it will only take a minute to chip off all that frozen stuff *tee hee*


He And Me + 3 said...

Oh my...I thought that it was cold and frozen over here. You have been busy. Will your 8 year old wear those cute jams?

Beth E. said...

I wouldn't mind having some snow, but you can keep those frigid temperatures!

Glad to hear you've got coffee on a timer....nothing is better than waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed java...*sniiiiiffff...aaaahhhhh*!

Stay warm!

Beth E. said...

P.S. Thanks for all of your comments! I feel very validated today! lol

heidi said...

Brrrr. I'm doing freezing my patooshka off, aren't you? Sheesh.

Mmm..coffee. Rob just brought home some fresh beans today. We grind every morning.

Uh...we grind our COFEEE BEANS every morning.

Nasty woman.

Katie said...

If only we had not had to cancel our date, I would have brought you beans as I have beans and no grinder. LOL!

O' isn't this weather somethin'??

Farm Chick Paula said...

I am trying not to be jealous of you new coffee maker... I will be satisfied with mine until Christmas, even though it smells like someone set a couch on fire after the coffee is done. (I shall not covet.)
I'm busy making potholders for all the women in my family and hoping I picked a color they like.
If not, then tough toots, I guess.

Jen said...

Your 12 days of Christmas tradition is quite an endeavor but I'm sure the kids LOVE it!!

Ok, so you need to email me the details about the cell phone w/ unlimited web access. Can you get something like that with a pay as you go plan?

momof3darlings said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA! Heidi said she grinds every morning! LOL

But seriously, I'd help chip off ice to share a burger with you any day! Wish we lived closer!

So what are you gonna do about the grand jury appearance?