Monday, November 3, 2008

The Longest Day Ever

It started the night before with this.
I have now removed myself from "Chief Pumpkin Cleaner-Outer and Carver" for the rest of my days. My daughter does a much better job, and get this... she ENJOYS it.

I'm glad I fired myself. I hate cleaning out pumpkins. It reminds me of baby diapers and I'm just not far enough into post-diaper days yet.

Then, since my newly elected Chief Pumpkin Cleaner-Outer and Carver is in middle school now (MUCH too good for costumes!) I only got a picture of the younger three.

I've also fired myself from the position of costume designer. I'm not too disappointed about that either. My older son knew he was going to be a Pirate last year. He's been collecting stuff just for the occasion, and did NOT need my help. Except he did ask me to sew the lace onto his jacket sleeves for a more authentic look. (The boy wants LACE?) And the ostrich feather in the real pirate hat was a requirement, because the dirty chicken feather I found out in the yard "just looked lame Mom". I could have told him that his blue jeans weren't very authentic, but I refrained. You don't mess with an 8 year old's sense of style.
Princess D - who also chose in three minutes flat to go for the day as a pirate GIRL only needed a smidge of help. And that was applying the facial bronzer so she could have the dirty face look she was going for. The entire costume? Her own creation from 2 minutes of rummaging through clothes that I've never even seen before. We can also appreciate the lace valance "apron" that I got at a garage sale for a buck - I hope she gives it back, I have a matching set.

Our lil' Deputy got his get-up together himself too. His vest and duster were from a genuine Halloween Costume shop, but the badge was from an actual deputy, the shirt and jeans were from his own closet and the hat? A donation from the grandparents dress up box that he lifted the last time we visited. Sorry Mom & Dad, my son obviously needs to be incarcerated. He's a dirty cop.
After three days of recuperating from the candy coma, I can honestly say I'm looking forward to another October. I'll be getting more pumpkins next time!


Miriam said...

Cute, cute and CUTER. I love that your list of responsibilities is getting shorter while your kids get taller! You are such an inspiration.

Livy said...

Ahhh I wish I could fire myself as the pumpkin gutter but alas, no one else in this house is old enough to do it themselves or the husband refuses the duty but opts for the carving portion of events.

Your kids look awesome. Nice job guys. =)

Katie said...

Arrgy mates!

Ye be a fine looking bunch of varmints, skally-wags and dirty cops!

Too cute!

Katie said...

And hay! (haha)

I like the new fall look!

heidi said...

Hooray for getting fired! LOL

Amydeanne said...

oh aren't they cute! lol hey we didn't go out only had ice cream and my kids were freaking out on their shugah high! so i can relate!

Farm Chick Paula said...

It's so sad to be fired from Halloween festivities... It will be hard finding work now, especially after the candy coma ruins your reputation. (Oh.. was that the point?)

Tracy said...

Cutie patooties one and all. Thanks for sharing the photos.

I know what you mean about cleaning out those year we carved 7 or 8 of them. My lower arm muscles were so sore...for days! How cool that your girl considers it fun! We're favoring only one carved pumpkin these days...much easier on the arm, but still a messy job. = )

Jen said...

Your daughter did a great job with the jack-o-lantern! Love all the costumes!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Great costumes! I think they look adorable. I would definitely DEFINITELY MAKE SURE YOU GET THEE APRON BACK... IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!