Saturday, October 25, 2008

My handsome brown eyed blonde

My handsome brown eyed blonde and I started our relationship with a bang. It was truly love at first sight. I was a little hesitant at first, to share my heart with him because I had been broken before. I was hurting from past pain. Thankfully, he was calm and understanding about that. He was eager to prove that he could win my heart and prove his trustworthiness. I, ever the hopeful sort, gave in easily after I realized just how gentle and protective he was. Of me, and especially my kids.
He kept an eye on them, often counting heads to make sure everyone was accounted for before he would even think of coming to sit by my side and just relax. I loved that about him. As he sat by my side, we didn't have many words to say, but our eyes spoke our feelings for us. His eyes melted me from the start. He looked adoringly at me, and I would talk sweet things in his ear. Backrubs and snuggles, car rides and long walks. These were things my heart had always longed for. It was an easy fit. There was no doubt in my mind we were in this for the long haul.

Now... I know what you're thinking. You're probably thinking bad thoughts about me at this point and I'm sorry it has to come to this. Secrets aren't fun for most people.

You're probably thinking things like, "What? But your husband does not have blonde hair! Who are you talking about lady?" Because more than likely you actually paid attention to stuff like that.

Am I right? What? You don't pay attention to stuff like that? Well fine... I'll just keep my little secret to myself then.

Ok. Nevermind. I can't hold in news like this.

Not when it could change our family forever.

His name is Chase. He is so incredibly handsome, and just such a looker. I just can't help myself.
Please forgive me. My husband already has.

Here's what he looks like...

See? I TOLD you. I am smitten. There is nothing you can do or say to get me to give him up. I'm wrapped around his pinky toe. Hopefully he didn't step in anything.

The odd thing is, he appears to be camera shy. He won't look at me.

Again, he'd rather look over there, than at me. But that's ok, he's a beauty.

I'll be! He did it again, only this time it was more obvious. Look at me boy!

Chase and Jessie are doing the alpha dog challenge. It was a very easy test. Chase is twice the size. He's telling Jessie that if he catches him with another chicken, he's going to show him who's boss.
GOT YA! And I got him smiling too. He grins a lot. It's part of why I think he's adorable.

He doesn't always smile though. Here he is frowning from the other side of the sliding glass door. He wants to come in and snuggle, but dogs at our house live outside. They have jobs to do all night since they take so many naps during the day. Next, I'll share a funny story about our first day together. Believe it or not, we've only been together for 2 nights now. How quick love blooms!


Livy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NICE PLAY ON WORDS LEXIE!!!! I knew about Chase, but you nearly had me at blonde! ROTFL!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

What a beautiful dog!
I can see his smile in that one picture too. Anxious to read more Alexis!
Now which one caught a chicken? Oh OH!!!

heidi said...

LOL you're soo funny!

Thanks for the love!

Miriam said...

It's just puppy love, right?!

What a cute dog :)

I for one am in love with the little cowboy in your last post. Oh, the dejection. He could travel to our farmette for some affection that he's so clearly lacking at home ...
we'd let him eat nothing but candy, and watch TV all he wants, and go fishin' and never do chores and and and :)

Amydeanne said...

funny my friend has a yellow lab named "chase" as well! oh he's gorgeous! I'm almost jealous.. ever since we gave the last puppy i'm half sorry about it! lol

Misty said...

i LOVE Chase! I love dogs... Ah... This makes me happy...

Katie said...

Oh, man. You had me! I am such a sucker.

Your new man sure is a heart breaker.