Monday, October 20, 2008

Caption Contest Winner!

Here it is folks! The day you've all been waiting for!
We have a WINNER to announce!

Yes, that's right a winner. A winner has been chosen by one of the best voting methods ever known to man. Don't pay attention to the critics.

Here's the photo that needed a caption...

And here's our NOT random winning entry. Miriam said...

"The timer went off! It's MY TURN now!"

Miriam won because she caused laughter that could only come from a family that has actually HEARD this being said before. It was so fitting. We had a hard time though judging these entries, especially after reading through words like UVULA and SEED not WEED and where did Sandy Patti come in? (That was my Dad people, he came out of hiding to contribute!) It was a fun time had by all.

Congratulations Miriam!

I hope you enjoy showing off your award all over town. Or at least on your very delightful blog. (I put the link there so all you people will run over and take a look at her blog... so get to it!)

Come back soon for our next contest! I had way too much fun giggling at all your replies. Thanks for participating!


Miriam said...

I'm a WINNER! But I know the timer's counting down... my turn is short... your blog is fun and many others will want to win funny money ;)

Livy Renee said...

Congratulations Miriam!!!

Those very words are said in this house on a regular bases too!!!!

Katie said...

I've always known that Miriam was a big (wiener LOL) winner!


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

whooHoooo Miriam!
THAT HEN better name one of her next born after you! lol

Amydeanne said...

Congrat's Miriam! how fun!

Mokihana said...

Perfect caption!!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Yay for Miriam!!! Ugh.. does this mean she has some kind of bragging rights now?
When does her timer go off?