Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ok, so maybe my blog isn't smart after all

Apparently, although my blog might be somewhat intelligent, my ability to type the correct NAME is still in pre-school. I had to change the name from "someone who shall remain nameless" (although it was the "cute" and "crushes" that threw me. Honest!) to Amydeanne after a HUMILIATING EPISODE of woops-I'm-a-complete-idiot-and-typed-the-wrong-persons-name-in-the-blank. Gosh, I'm sorry - and now you know the real me.

And a side note to the person with the good humor that I just picked on (see post below) - I happen to really enjoy all your cute crushes. The puppies, the babies - you can't keep me away!

I feel like giving myself my own award today out of utter embarassment - so far the only one who's ever had the pleasure of receiving it is Miriam, (back when she lied about her alcoholism) and she wears it proudly (just kidding about the alcoholism part) - but today I'm picking up my ego, throwing it out the window and donning this nice bucket of dirt.

Go ahead, laugh all you want!! I'm an idiot and I'm proud of it!
But not really.


Amydeanne said...

lol that's sort of like when my mother says "you know you're part of the family when your in the fart circle" ah huh... hey if your friends can't laugh at your dirt than it needs to be buried back in the garden right? lol ya know it's why i like ya! it would be no fun if we were perfect.. imagine laughing at that lovely tweed suit you wear to the garden.. "what? you've got award winning squashes grown for the counTay Fair? oh my.. you are a marvel!"
pish posh .. okay.. we've made carmel apples ... they've gotten to me.. i'm talkin to myself lol
and laughing..

Miriam said...

Lex, your dirt is fantabulous.
And the real you is worth knowing. Because you're funny and kind and ... just GREAT. Also, you don't hide your liquor on the kitchen counter (and then post a picture of it on the Internet), so how ditsy can you be?

Katie said...

Ahem, 'fart circle', *pfft* ROFLOL!!

So, U R N idiot, BUT I do love ya and you are in my fart circle so what can I say.


Misty said...

awarding yourself is just awesome... you might just be the coolest person I know.

peggy said...

Lexie,Knowing the real you,funny cause you are always real,is loving you.Thank goodness you are who He made you to be!
Love you,

Amydeanne said...

hey i'm still reading.. i need my chicken fix! you are the guru ! lol