Monday, August 4, 2008

Random Things

I came across a fun little meme from Farm Chick Paula and since I had nothing else to do except laundry, dishes, weeding, making lunch and chicken head counting, I thought I'd sit back, relax and let you see a little bit of me that you either already knew about, and pretended not to notice, or you didn't know and now you'll never leave me another comment because you're afraid of being associated with me.

Six Random Things

1. I like hot dogs. But only if they are all beef and only if they are on a bun with the mustard on the bottom and the ketchup on the top. I like sweet pickle relish and mayo on them too. But the relish must be with the mustard, not the ketchup.

2. Grown ups who give lame excuses annoy the snot out of me - or people who try to rationalize why they are doing what they are doing even though they KNOW it is wrong. Then, I start making lame excuses not to be around them because I can't stand it.

3. I am a human lie detector. Don't even TRY to pull a fast one on me because I'm a pro. (Probably why the previous random thing bothers me so much)

4. I'm also a human spell-check. If you ever see a typo in my posts, it's because I was typing too fast and didn't even bother to look back and see if there was anything wrong because usually there isn't. That's about all the bragging you'll ever see me do. Thanks Mom and Dad - I got that from you.

5. I appear to be extroverted to many, but I have a hidden introverted side. I very rarely take the first step to get to know people, because I fear rejection. I usually have to say a prayer before I try to say something to someone new.

6. I'm hiding out at home this week. After our vacation, where I got a whopper of a sunburn, I came home and developed an unusually PAINFUL fever blister on my lower lip. As you know, they are ugly. This one takes the cake - and it hurt so bad it made me cry last night. I get one every time I get a sunburn on my face and don't use lip balm with sunscreen. You think I'd learn.

I'd love to see YOUR six random things in my comments! Let's hear it...


Agent K said...

Well I can't think of six things that you don't already know...I am poopy like that.

Maybe I'll have a creative burst later on, after the coffee has taken affect. :0)

startastical said...

okay, so I have to leave a comment so your comment section reflects proper grammar. I don't know if it was all so random. It sounds like you. Do you hire out? I mean as the human spell check? You would think I would be better at spelling since I write so stinkin much all day long, but alas my skills have gone down the toilet with the advent of spell check

Emily said...

Six Random Things...hmmm
1- I love Pink,Polka Dots and flowers
2- The smell of Bleach freaks me out, I mean really FREAKS me out
3- I have to cover my ears with a pillow or my hair before I can fall asleep because I think bugs will crawl in (I know weird)
4- I am a people pleaser to a fault, I have actually given the shirt off my back and it ended up kinda awkward
5- I love all things funny, especially my own sense of humor;0)
6- I wish I had a truly close best friend or two, and it makes me sad sometimes...

Farm Chick Paula said...

I also have to whisper a little prayer when I meet someone new, beacause I ALWAYS stick my foot in my mouth by saying something hugely DUMB. I have a spell check fetish, too! That's why the word verification incident was so humiliating for me.

Jen said...

I'm sorry, I can't think of 6 random things right now, but I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the nice comment you left making me feel better about my pms issues. It is always nice to know when you aren't alone. So thanks.