Friday, August 1, 2008


We're going home!!

Over six years ago, my husband and I were married in Reno at Chapel of the Bells:
The children - were not in attendance. So on this day of departure from Reno, we took a sentimental moment to stop and get a photo of our beloved children at the same location we were married.

Well, almost the same location. We actually got married in the chapel, but we had a couple photographs taken on this spot. C'mon... say it... Awwwww!!

Ok, then we headed home.

But along the way we stopped at a park in Northern California somewhere (I think it was Alturas) and I took the last of our vacation pictures.

You know you only come here for pictures of my kids.

How could you not?

Then I got home, and downloaded Paint Shop Pro again so I could tweak them to look all glamorous-like. I'm in heaven again.

Oh yeah baby, it's getting dangerous now!

Tomorrow? ENOUGH VACATION ALREADY! Time for a chicken head count and cucumber picking!


Agent K said...

Chicken heads, cukes and Paint Shop PRO?? Wow! sounds like a full meal deal Har!

LOve the redo of Lys. So cool. Now I want some paint shop.

Miriam said...

paint shop pro? is it free or close to it?

i need some serious photo editing help

love the pictures

Tracy said...

Too much fun...welcome home!

(I'm going to have to check out "paint shop pro!"

= )