Sunday, August 10, 2008

Do we attract trouble?

It wasn't much over two weeks ago, we had our side view mirror sheared off by an oncoming CruiseAmerica motorhome that had decided our lane looked more inviting. Since then, we've taken our vehicle in to have an estimate done of the damages. It's not terrible, not much more than a couple THOUSAND dollars (which includes the $600 mirror we already replaced). It hasn't kept us from driving it around and it makes for an interesting conversation piece in the parking lot of the grocery store.

Yesterday, we decided to take our OTHER Suburban (you know, the one with the big "FOR SALE" sign in the window?) to the church because we're having a big whoop-de-do event today at a park instead of holding church services at the actual church building. Who's idea was this?

Anyhoo, we removed the back seat, folded down the middle seat, and are using the for sale Suburban as a transport vehicle for equipment. It's currently holding an entire drumset, all the microphones and the sound system, my keyboard, stand , bench and all that jazz, a case of bottled water, and guess what? It fits nicely. Today, my husband will be driving the for sale Suburban to the park - and will unload all that stuff and have it set up before I get there, in our other, banged up, but still useable newer (to us) Suburban that will haul children, lunch and lawn chairs. Are you still with me here? Again, I say - who's idea was this?

So - back to the trip home last night. We just took ourselves, as obviously, there was only two seats left in the for sale Suburban, and we loaded up all the STUFF, and proceeded to stop off at the local retail store for extra STUFF before we stopped for dinner at a place where I can get the most fantastic Chicken Parmigiano Pasta and Mocha Smoothie, and then headed for home. We always manage to turn church work into a pretty decent date night.

We got a couple miles out of town, on a dark road I like to call "Road Kill Highway" (which is a few miles from "Road Kill Lane" that has a lower speed limit) when out of nowhere this ginormous (it appeared to me) DEER leaps out from the side of the road. Well I had a millisecond more to think about this oncoming deer than the driver, because I saw it first (because it was on my side of the road) and I managed a snuffled GRUNT before Bryan saw it and reacted with all he could - which was to FLING his eyes open wide and hold onto the steering wheel tighter. The deer hit the front corner of the 50 mile an hour for sale Suburban, taking out the running lights before plowing across the fender, leaving a kiss mark on the windshield, removing the antenna, partially detatching the side view MIRROR from the frame of the vehicle (NOT ANOTHER MIRROR?!!!), breaking the glass ON the mirror, doing a pirouette and slamming into first the front door and then the back door and caving it in a couple inches while still managing to scratch through the paint with his 6 or 7 points and leaving some hair behind in all the door handles.

Now - I know what you're thinking. You're thinking OH MY GOSH. HOW can this happen to such a nice family? Ok, what you're actually thinking is OH NO!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DEER? OH MY GOODNESS, I HOPE IT WAS NOT LAYING THERE IN THE ROAD WRITHING AND CRYING OUT IN PAIN . Well, that's exactly what I was thinking too, and when I jumped out of the car looking for carnage I couldn't find any. Matter of fact we looked for over half an HOUR for that deer and could find no trace. I did find a couple of tracks down the other side of the ditch that looked fresh, but in soft gravel it could have been anything wandering through in the last day.


How could there be nothing? The kiss mark on the windshield was definitely not a shade that Covergirl sells, so it must have been "Deer Red". You would have thought there would have been some evidence (other than glass for a 100 feet) that proved we'd hit something. I am not sure what we do to attract stuff like this, but I think I'm a little grateful that nobody (other than an animal) has been injured lately. We have definitely been under the protection of our guardian angel (who's working overtime) this past month! Ok, I gotta admit, I'm a little bit nervous about driving to Idaho this week. Just a teensy bit.


Miriam said...


Glad you're okay.

I didn't know you had a Sub for sale. Email me.

Agent K said...

LOL @ Miri....does she really want it now that its all smashed up? :)

I hit a nice big deer the other night too.

The dumb thing bounced off the plastic grill on my side and took off all...doe, de,, back off into the bushes. Nothing but bent plastic and fried nerves for me though.

Again, I wish I was going with you.

Misty said...

ok... Maybe I want to stay in Idaho. I mean, no one is hitting deer here... and I have a little car. LITTLE. And not some giant suburban....

startastical said...

I haven't seen one deer in Idaho this year. Not even dead ones on the side of the road. Skunks and other small animals, but no deer. I can also join the "I hit a deer this summer" club. I hit one on the way back to Idaho. It did a number on my little car, and I was only going about 10mph. Mine, like yours disappeared into nowhere land.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey there,
So sorry about your accident with the deer. :(
Why did that post you wrote about all thee accidents you've had come to my mind when I read this? ;)
My oh My....
It was a hit and run by a deer.
I'm scared to ride our motorcycle in the dark because of them!