Friday, July 11, 2008

Shout Out to my Camp Homies

If'n you're a camp homie, you must let me know that you read this - then I shall post a very nice photo of you. Immediately. Well, almost immediately. And, I bet I have a story of you that I would just love to write about.

I loved camp. It was even better than I imagined in my nightmares dreams the week before.
Homecoming today is bittersweet. I miss things.
I miss the constant barrage of insults and teasing in my direction, because I am vertically challenged.
I miss the hilarious jokes. The kind that make me *almost* wet myself.
I miss the neverending games of smashface, because after all, I love getting my face smashed.
I miss my "family" because you guys weren't afraid to share of your feelings, fears and faith. You have inspired me beyond words - I don't know if I'll ever be able to actually verbalize what occurred at camp - other than to say amazing. Absolutely AMAZING!
I miss the sweet smiles and happy hugs from all my girlies. Did you know I liked hugs so much?
I miss the big bear hugs from tall teenage guys who put their chin on top of my head and call me Chickie Momma.
I miss the roll of toilet paper - the one that was used for wiping up my mixed tears of sorrow and joy. Rudy, if you hadn't burned that roll in the bonfire, I'd be using it right now.
I miss your smiling faces and your silly ones.
Such as this piece of work from one of my favorite guys...

And here's a couple of winners... they are my favorites...

And another America's Next Top Model contestant... she's my favorite...
But this, my friends, takes the cake...
He's my favorite, but you probably already knew that.

[On a side note, I tried to make my own face wings, but I'll probably have to wait until my mid-eighties when my dewlap deflates. Oh - I can hardly wait.]

I made it home awake. Mostly. I did have to pull over about a half hour away and catch a three minute power nap. I was worried that I would neglect to wake up and the car would get too hot and I would die. I kept thinking about that sign in the Wal-Mart parking lot that tells you not to leave your pets (or kids) in the car when it's hot. You probably shouldn't nap in the car when it's hot, right? Then I worried that if I rolled the windows down while I slept that someone would rob me, or worse, hear me snoring. So basically I worried myself awake, and drove the rest of the way home.

My family greeted me with much expected anticipation and happiness. I know that my daughters were happy to see me because they got kicked out of the house for arguing and not doing their chores were hanging around in the carport in lawn chairs. What sweet kids. They were waiting for my arrival! Actually, they knew I was their ticket to getting back inside. Then, my son was so happy to see me that he threw down his PS3 controller and came running to see me as soon as he got picked off by his opponent possibly could. My 5 year old was happy as well, because he missed me lots and lots, but was quick to point out that I said I'd be gone five days and I was only gone for three. "Was you just coming home for a visit?" No, you just need to learn to count little grasshopper, and no I will not get you a popsicle already!

My husband - was delighted to have me home. I was swept off my feet with a hug and kiss and all that gross purple colored stuff (purple: secret camp lingo). Ok, so truthfully, if he ever swept me off my feet, he'd end up with a herniated something, so we pretty much try to stay away from that romance novel junk. It's just bound to land someone in the emergency room. He was happy to hear that the only injuries I sustained this year were:

1. A smashed face. My vision is back to normal now, and my nose was already a bit crooked before so it actually helped my looks. (Rusty, if you read this - thanks for the free nose job.)

(But Rusty, you really should think about getting a different makeup artist.)

2. Two mosquito bites. Yes, people the Avon bug stuff really works.

3. A sore(r) back from all that working out. (Working out how to only take one trip to the cabin and back each day. Working out how to only make one trip to the swimming hole each day. Working out how to get out of the activities - which never really worked out)

4. A pulled who-knows-what that actually occurred when I was laughing too hard.
Who knew you could sustain an injury when telling a joke?! Hmph!

5. Matching luggage issues. Both the bags under my eyes could double as carry on.

I guess that's about it. I am truly blessed to make it out alive. Especially after facing ferocious action like this:

There's no such thing as "Graceful" women at this camp

I'd love to put up more pics, but I need a nap. Bad. But, I did want to leave you with a pic of my family-for-a-week. (Riley, are you POLE dancing back there??)

Oh, and this pic just for giggles.

Don't even bother asking. I can't explain it.


Grandma Dora the Explorer said...

You are awesome, Sweetie,
What a gift God gave you to be so amazingly caring and then sharing on top of it!
May God richly bless you with all you deserve.

Misty said...

It sounds really amazing, L! I LOVE camp. I think EVERY camp experience, bit it as camper or staff, ended with that unexplainable feeling!

I guess maybe that's how we know that God was really moving somewhere... I wonder if that's what every day on a mission field feels like? (or at least the majority)

Farm Chick said...

YOU ROCK! Plain and simple!

Ricky Danger said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time and you were filled with wonderful memories... the pictures are wonderful. Love you. =) Me

Amydeanne said...

Glad you had a blast at camp! I love all the pictures.. you're making me miss all the camping i used to do when I was younger!

rootsben said...

so... you totally need to photoshop me into the family group picture. i don't care how awful it looks. i feel left out :-(

darn director responsibilities!