Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mining for Adventure

Isn't this adventurous?!!

On Tuesday, we went mining for adventure! Sutter Gold Mine is a fantastic place to take the kids! It had a really neat gift shop where we took turns choosing geodes and watching them get cracked open to see what treasures they beheld. We got a few beauties - and unfortunately I neglected the photographic evidence. But I do have evidence that we were in an underground gold mine!
Here it is....

No wait, HERE it is...
It was a large tunnel, because the equipment had to be able to FIT down there. Nobody, even someone in a hard hat, would not want the tunnel to be too small because that would hurt.

Here's what it looked like driving down into the actual mine somewhere around 500 feet below the surface of the earth.

It seemed like a REALLY fast trip. Of course, the photo proves we were going at a high rate of speed, in the near darkness, while gasping for air... Anyway, it was cool. If you're ever in the area - check it out, you'll like it. And - it's VERY safe. I know this because they told us so.

Here's a pic of our Pirate-wanna-be looking for some real gold for his treasure chest. He was looking VERY hard.

And... a pic of our dinner in Valley Springs, right before we ate it.

Sorry, just had to throw that in there. I'm still suffering heartburn, but I expect it will go away sometime next week.

After dinner, we went to visit a friend of mine that I had not seen in almost 25 years. We found each other via the classmates/myspace avenue, and it's been really fun catching up on old times. He has a wonderful family, and his wife makes great brownies :)

I opted to leave out the "what not to say to your husband" stuff in todays post, because we're having a hard enough time trying to keep our cool with our four kids and 2 of his in-laws along for the ride (that would be MY parents. OH - Hi Mom & Dad! Sometimes I forget that you read this blog and I just go on and on... and on...)

Tomorrow? The Great Move from Angels Camp to Bass Lake California. Woohoo!! Here we come!


Agent K said...

Umm, I just drooled all over the keyboard. *slurp* Hmmmm.....*eyes rolling*....Pizzzzzzzaaahhh!

What was your post about???

Farm Chick Paula said...

Whew!! You had me scared for a minute! I saw the first picture with you wearing hard hats and thought, "Good Lord, they've lost one of their younguns in a cave now!!!"