Sunday, July 20, 2008

A little piece of heaven in Angels Camp

We made it! Princess D was hanging on for dear life, with what looks like a life preserver wrapped around her neck. Don't worry, Mr. Nice Guy isn't THAT crazy of a driver. I just have a crazy kid. Here she is again in her Spongebob pose.

Notice the little man in the back still half asleep in his pajamas? Yeah, he changed out of those oversized fleece pants once the weather hit close to 100 degrees.

A rather uneventful 12 hour journey landed us in one of the most beautiful areas I've ever seen! Well, sort of uneventful. We left town right on time. For once. We played leap-frog with my parents' vehicle when we caught up to them near the California border. I bet it was hard on my Mom to drive like a Grandma so we could meet up with them. Oh, Hi Mom, I forgot you read this blog. With my luck you won't read it until you get home. We couldn't find a gas station when we finally stopped in Stockton after we had already passed 357 other stations just before. Isn't it funny how that works? So when we found a gas station off the highway, it was in a rather um... well, one of those neighborhoods that you hold on to your kids tighter. Then of course both boys (by this time the girls had jumped ship and were riding with their Grandparents) had to use the little boys' room. Well, this gas station didn't have but one cold, grouchy cashier in a bulletproof booth and she just blurted K-MART! So, we went directly to one of the filthiest K-Mart's I have ever seen in my life and the boys took care of their problem.

After a quick jaunt to the opposite side of the parking lot to visit the farm stand (hey, you're not allowed to take fruit into California and I was dying here!) we picked up a farmers choice watermelon (I asked him to find me the best one) an aromatic cantaloupe, a beautiful pineapple and some pluots. Our kids are always interested in new and improved fruit, so I thought the pluots might be fun. They's sure ugly, but they were edible!

We hit the pool right at dusk to burn off some car-trapped energy. Dusk comes sooner around here because of wildfires. There is a haze over the landscape, but it's pretty high and doesn't affect breathing much.

I could only get one picture of my six-pack abs guy because he was moving so fast. Man, that kid does not stop!

We're in an incredible 3 bedroom unit on the corner of the building. It pays to book the year before! We're on the 2nd floor, and the master suite is on the 3rd floor. What a VIEW! We have 2 balconies to see it from but I'll have to show you that later, because my camera hasn't made it upstairs yet.

We're off for a day of exploring and sunscreen. Write more later!


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey, ya think those people would MISS that sign? heheaooaao JUST KIDDIN!
Your vacation sounds great! The kids look like they are havin a ball! The "6 pack abs" name CRACKS ME UP! FUNNIER STILL THAT I saw in one picture he really does! LOL
The spongebob thing was hysterical too.
So tell me WHAT ON EARTH IS A ...PLUOT? ARE YOU SURE you are supposed to eat those things*

Agent K said...

LOL at Lea!

Hey I am totally going to miss you and I am ever so have a great time for me too.

Anonymous said...

hi mom.