Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's Official

Summer break isn't summer break until you get a break, right? Well last night we finally got a break. With the kids. And did nothing important. It felt like the real thing! My brother in law and his family got here this past weekend for a visit, but yesterday they went to spend a few days with his parents at the coast so it was just us for the evening. We watched a movie and ate a really late dinner. Then the kids all camped out in one bedroom. It's really summer break!

Other things going on this week on our acre(s)---

My older daughter is away at camp. I mailed her a letter yesterday, and I HAVE to remember to send her more today. My younger daughter is finally home - she's only been here 3 nights since school got out. Bet ya she already feels like she's had a break! We took her to get allergy testing yesterday and guess what? She's allergic to dust mites. The big surprise, was that she WASN'T allergic to any of the other stuff she got poked with. Trees, grasses, shrubs and cockroaches. COCKROACHES? Exactly WHAT do you use to determine if you're allergic to those? Anyway, knowing what she's allergic to is supposed to help us help her with her upper respiratory problems. She's had 7 ear surgeries and as we speak she's potentially on the list for another ear tube in the fall. NOT pleased with that news, but it's far better than her other procedures - I'll have to do a post on that some day. It's a long story.

My sons are home from their campout in mosquito infested Eastern Oregon with the grandparents. They both look like they contracted some spotted disease, but it's just bug bites. They are a tad miserable and I'm wishing I could find the benadryl bubble bath for both them and me. For some reason spending time outside has been causing my face and neck to itch. Anybody know the signs of sun sensitivity?

My 5 yr old boy had his well child checkup yesterday. Evidently he's pretty "well" because he hasn't been to one of these appointments for 2 years. He needs immunizations to get into Kindergarten in the fall, but I wasn't prepared to hear that he needed SIX of them before the end of the year. GOOD GRIEF! I asked her twice if I was behind on his immunization schedule and she kept telling me no - the state just requires more stuff now. Sheesh! This isn't good for healthy kids, this is traumatic. He opted to have two yesterday, then two more in a couple weeks. The others won't come up until winter - so maybe he will have forgotten that he tried to kick a nurse in the chin.

About 5 in the evening, I brought home a new stirrup hoe for my hubby (and if you do not have one of these walk... no RUN... to your nearest hardware store and GET ONE!) We now have a matching set of two - so we spent the next few hours out in our monstrous little garden weeding. We got almost the whole thing done, which is pretty remarkable but we owe it all to our miracle hoes (sounds like some angelic streetwalker). You can also find these tools under the name Hula Hoe. They are awesome. My back was hurting by the time we were done, but it wasn't hurting nearly as bad as if I had to use the original kind of hoe. Or maybe it was hurting just as bad, but I got to work twice as long!

I also put in a second planting of carrots along with about 6 more beefsteak tomato plants that I raised from seed. I have quite a few more left that are about 6 inches tall, so I think I might just repot them all individually and share the love here in a few more weeks. I FINALLY have some success with the lavendar I started months ago. I have tried to grow lavendar from seed three times, and this time I finally just let it be - and ignored it, and it's looking GREAT! (I tend to think that plants are like me, they only thrive with lots of attention. hahaha) I put in a row of marigolds to keep my tomatoes company and quite a few sunflowers on the east border of our little dirt patch. Hopefully they won't hog all the sun.

Here's the rundown on my apparent (I say apparent because we're nowhere near harvest time!) successes and miserable failures in our garden this year:

Worlds Largest Pumpkin - also worlds largest chicken treat. We will have none.
Zucchini - Same story. *sob*
Strawberries - Brand new berry patch, so we're pinching blossoms and training runners. They're looking REALLY good for next year. (Hoods and Bentons)
Corn - Three rows of strong green plants. The fourth row is a later variety, so it's not as big.
Potatoes - WOW! EVERY mound has a 4-6 inch plant coming through. I am impressed.
Carrots - Two rows of LOTS and one row of FEW. I just planted 2 more Loooong rows.
Peas - Few and far between. Next year I'll overplant these guys just to get half.
Watermelon - Not looking so hot. I failed with watermelon last year too. I'm depressed. Maybe it was shock from transplant.
Cantaloupe - Directly sowed these guys, and they are happy!
Cucumber - the Lemon cukes are sort of miserable, but I'm holding out hope. The Bush Space savers look healthy though. I've got more than I planned on even though I beheaded one with my super sharp hula hoe on accident.
Tomato - WOWSERS. I might have a farm stand yet.
Peppers - These are just a novelty for me. I don't even like peppers, but I figured what with all the tomatoes we might need jalapenos for salsa or something!

Maybe next time I'll actually take pictures! So what are you doing this week?


Ricky Danger said...

Good grief! LOL you are a busy girl.

the160acrewoods said...

sounds like my garden, we had a lot that just didn't take.. bahh oh well! glad the kids had fun at camp even if they look funny!

Anonymous said...

now I see why I never see you on my space,I think you have enough to do!
Oh and I think maybe baking soda bath might help him,its been years so check that out!
I wish I could recall my pass word,oh well you know me!

Farm Chick said...

umm.... I have lots of stuff in pots but still no garden in the garden as of yet.

Hey maybe I should go do that instead of leave you comments:P

farm suite said...

Were you at all considering a two-hour drive to share the beefsteak tomato plant love?

Just asking.

I have not had good luck with watermelons here either, three years running. My good friends who own a nursery finally told me that I have to have a hill, like a little mound of dirt, prepared early in the season, then use a waterwall or cold frame to protect the plant.

I'll let you know if it works.

Your garden sounds awesome.

Farm Chick Paula said...

I'm in the beans this week.... up to my you-know-what in them.
I laughed over the pumpkin treat for the chickies... my strawberries (what few I had) went the same way. One rooster kept coming back as if to say, "hey! do you have any more of those red things? they were gooood!"
The little jerk.

Toni said...

I made garden boxes about two years ago. I was feeling very handy, let me tell you. Unfortunately, no garden yet. I keep using rattlesnakes and scorpions, jackrabbits and groundhogs as excuses. Someday I will get brave and try to not kill some poor plant, as I usually do. I definitely have a black thumb!