Saturday, July 26, 2008

I spoke TOO SOON

I have to post twice as long today - there's so much to talk about. Just when we thought things were calming down on our vacation (who was it that called us the Griswalds??)...

Wait, let me back up a bit. Today is my Momma's birthday. (Also called GRANDMA to anyone younger than me) so Happy Birthday Momma! Today is also the day we set aside to make a trek to Glacier Point. If you know nothing about Yosemite (kinda like me a few days ago) Glacier point is a SUPER HIGH POINT where you can walk up to the top (as I've said before, don't kid yourself people! We drove most of the way!) and look out over the entire Yosemite Valley. We had a great view of Half Dome, Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls and all the parking lots we drove around in a couple days before. It was cool - way cool, but very, very warm. Are you still with me here?

The place was packed, because it was a Saturday - but God smiled on us and gave us a close parking space. (My feet have been KILLING me the last few days so I wanted to save my energy for things other than parking lot hikes). We noticed the bathrooms, and the long lines of people, but not until we got further down the trail to the gift shop/concessions building did I realize there would be no bathrooms until we got back. Soooo... I took our youngest "I gotta go potty but I have six pack abs" boy, and headed back to the bathrooms. My Mom went with us, because she was smart too. The line took FOR. EVER. It was guy/girl bathrooms and only one was working. So, we trekked downhill to the NEXT set of restrooms which seemed operational. The smell was operational too. Whew!

Then my Mom's phone rang. Her phone rang because my husband had already tried to call mine, but I had left it in the car near the sign that said, "Do not leave valuables in your vehicle". I didn't quite understand him but the second time he repeated himself and told me that my older pirate son had passed out in the gift shop, I kinda did that open-mouth gaping thing and tried to figure out what to do. Well, priorities are priorities, so I told him I was stuck at the bathroom because it was ALMOST my turn, and to go get the boy some water! (Thinking dehydration and heat were his problem). I did my duty (not doody!) and we headed back up the hill. We stopped at the car for cold water bottles from the cooler and by the time we reached the rest of the family my son was sitting on a rock wall enjoying an ice cream bar. Excuse me? I'm on vacation! My kids are not supposed to be PASSING OUT and enjoying ice cream bars!

Evidently, the boy does not do well at the sight of blood. This is news to me. He was in the gift shop and used some of his OWN vacation money to purchase his first pocket knife. So what is the first thing a boy does with a knife? Well, they open the blade, and proceed to cut themselves with it to see if it's a real knife. Supposedly, it worked. It was a full 2 minutes before he flopped over - and not actually seeing it happen myself I have to take this story as the truth.
Here's a photo of the pirate boy shortly after - I certainly hope he can handle heights!

This little ground squirrel was apparently dizzy too - she didn't get up the whole time we sat by her and ate ice cream.

Or maybe she can't handle the sight of blood either?

The whole buncha monkeys - and a shot of Half Dome squeezed in there too.

This is my attempt at one of those old-fashioned postcard type images. The kind you'd buy in the gift shop at Yosemite Village. I think the black and white works... it looks ancient.
It was also helpful that there was quite a deal of haze in the air (from the new wildfire covering the wilderness we had just COME through on our way south).
Here's six pack abs (I gotta go potty) boy at the tip of Glacier Point. It's a "geology hut" to be proper about it. He scrambled up the hills as if the 7000 ft elevation was nothing but extra energy to him. Meanwhile, as I was huffing and puffing after him, I managed to actually get a photo of him sitting still. He was waiting. Patiently. For me.
He was probably saying, "Sheesh, I wish she could move a LITTLE faster!"

Overall, it was a good trip. My daughter pointed out that my pirate boy was certainly NOT cut out to be a pirate. (Pun intended) After all, pirates can NOT be afraid of a little blood!!

On the way back down the mountain, we found a beautiful place to dine (picnic table) with some gorgeous scenery (Bridal Veil Creek) and ate the most wonderful cheese and potato chip sandwiches (because my Dad forgot the lunchmeat - hehehe!) and played in the creek (and watched for bears).

Although some of us just preferred to blend in with the scenery. She looks so natural just laying there.
Things were so relaxing, that some of the wildlife even let loose a little.

Or a lot.
Wait, who swiped my camera?

After all the fun, we went back to our condo for MORE fun. After all, we had a birthday to get fatter for celebrate!

Chocolate Cheesecakes. YUM!

Homemade ice cream. EXTRA YUM!

Toppings!! Even MORE yum!!

This soothed all our worries of the fainting boy. Made us gain eight pounds each. And helped us sleep better.

Tomorrow - Mom & Dad go back to Oregon. Us? It's an unplanned day!


Agent K said...

Ahem. Didn't know that this day was Gma's birthday. Seems like I should know that. hmmm.

Oh, hi Dora! You read this blog...Happy Belated Birthday.

Hey Lex, why are you and B wearing matching blue shirts? Aren't you a little young for that? What's next matching polyester pant suits..LOL!

Griswalds indeed! :D

Anonymous said...

I see you all are still having loads of fun,which is a good thing,but lets stop with the getting lost,and breaking your home on wheels and now blood,geez!
Love you,

Tracy said...

The adventure continues I see! Great photos...especially loved your vintagy-postcard shot...awesome...

That pocket knife story was definitely a keeper...= )

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!